Anne Arundel County, Odenton, Maryland Library

So one morning I was walking from the parking lot towards the Anne Arundel County Public Library, located at  1325 Annapolis Road, Odenton 21113.  The sidewalk entrance is like a big cement open foyer and is semi-circle.  From the side of my right eye I noticed a black male “Christian” walking horizontally towards me instead of towards the entrance of the door.

I literally did an about face and started walking either back towards my car or the grass of the Library grounds on its western side.  The black male was relentless and still followed me as I zig zagged again towards the library’s lobby.  He nearly cut me off from the door and had the audacity to say: “Oh I didn’t mean to scare you,” with a nasty smirk on his face. So a religiously clad woman walking in every opposite and diagonal direction AWAY from you did not give you a social cue that you are frightening her? I did not respond and kept walking until he breached my space and said “Oh are you a Christian?”  This is the dumbest question Black”Christian” males ask as a pick up line, follow a woman who is alone and clearly has no interest in being bothered by you and it is inappropriate and disgusting. I refused to look at him and said “no” and was close enough to the entrance that I walked right to the circulation desk where I knew employees would be.

There are still uncouthe and illiterate black males in Maryland who are so repulsive, so dumb and ignorant to see a Sunni Muslim in traditional hijab (religious head covering), avoiding male strangers and still attempt to force their unwanted presence.  Once he saw me with a couple of members of the library staff he quickly disappeared and I did not even see him in the library the entire time I was there.  This was broad daylight but no one was around in the parking lot so he likely planned ahead to corner me off from accessing the library where patrons and staff would be.

Today’s black males continue to disgust and harass women in the state of Maryland.  Maryland refuses to have a task force specially equipped to enforce hate crime and street harassment laws.

Black man leave us alone.

3 thoughts on “Anne Arundel County, Odenton, Maryland Library

  1. I actually know of one that sexualized a covered nun…I’m not sure if he ever hit on her, but that’s still disturbing enough.

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