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Indicators that You Are Dealing with a Black Male Sexual Harasser

name notSexual male harassers are usually poor, inner city, from single-mother homes, baby daddy, a convicted felon (likely sexual assault, battery, handgun violation, controlled dangerous substance) and as black men are primary harassers I noticed they are usually dark-skinned, with unattractive features, shiny, possess a snide or evil look, verbally abusive, severely immature, dress in urban wear, socially stunted, barely articulate, unfoundly arrogant and hate religious people. These black men will state any of the following when you have rejected their predatory behavior and not allow them to further disrespect you or be a willing victim of their sexual, criminal behavior:

1. You ain’t all that
2. F*** you, you b*****
3. She’s a b*****
4. I didn’t want you anyway
5. Paaughlease (phonetic)
6. Nobody don’t want you
7. “suck teeth”
8. Nobody wants to touch you anyway

Often these loser Negros will get loud to try to keep you engaged. Walk away and ignore the Negro species, maybe he will learn that in order to be among civilized homosapiens he must lose his inherent “apes in heat” proclivities. Haven’t you noticed they literally go ‘BONKERS’ when a woman rejects their sexual harassment? This is due to the fact that they operate from the penal gland and not the logical portion of the brain. These same Negro male species actually wonder why everyone including an increasing number of Black American women believe they are inferior, because you are. You act below civilized society’s standard, you act on bestial/animal level (lowest), you have the least amount of education attainment levels, you save the least, you are least present in your children’s lives and you demonstrate the LEAST amount of respect to women, including Sunni Muslim black women and other women of color. Today’s Black American man chooses to be the least in everything, therefore you are inferior and you project it on innocent women bystanders.

Today’s black American man needs to get some dignity and manners and leave decent women alone in Maryland and elsewhere.

Black Men You Aren’t Deceiving Anyone

I would like to give Maryland and the rest of America a reality check the next time you see a Black Christian harass, deride, cat-call or otherwise act inappropriately against Sunni Muslim women and you turn a blind eye. I notice there is a segment among Black Christians who have joined in the war mongering anti-Islamic bandwagon. However, when we look objectively at statistics and yes, reality, Muslims in America are not as much if any of a threat than you may presume:

Sunni Muslim Blacks serve in various branches of the U.S. military.

Sunni Muslims tend to have higher education attainment levels than their counterparts.

When there is rash of break-ins of cars in your neighborhood, are the culprits Christian or Muslim?

The rise of gang activity amongst Latinos and Blacks in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City and Prince George’s County, are the perpetrators “Christian” or Muslim?

When a man in Maryland, usually Black, is sexually harassing and cat-calling a woman and obstructing her passage in a public place is he a Christian or Muslim?

Of all the crimes in the past 50 years of kidnapping, rape, mirder and burglary, the perpetrators are “Christian.”

What Blacks I have noticed, started to do is jump along the military/militarization of citizens. Because Black “christians” somehow believe that literally jumping in a Sunni Muslim” woman’s face and yelling congratulations to a servicemen for fighting the “enemy” while glancing at a covered Sunni Muslim woman who is Black American makes him a better person. Reality check:
1. You don’t get credit for the service of what another does.
2. I have observed whites reaction to you and you are still  viewed as a “nigger” an will never be accepted by the very person’s hand you are congratulating.
3. Contrary to your presumption that white servicemen hate Sunni Muslim women, they open the door for me and say good morning—not black men. 

When will today’s black males act like a male and not jump on so many bandwagons and stop disrespecting Black women in hopes of gaining approval of people who actually respect all human beings and stop treating people like pawns–we are all blessed with levels of intelligence and know you are not clever nor deceiving anyone. Most of you do not have a genuine bone within you. It is so blatantly transparent. The majority of today’s Black American men are troublemaking demons with no substance.

Maryland and Black Male Harassers: Another Woman’s Story

This woman also is harassed by black men–often. Maryland is not safe for decent women.

Ironically, black men decry the inherent crimiality stereotype yet you are the primary degarders, harassers and sexual assaulters of women. Those who aren’t you do not get a prize you will literally watch, join in or turn away and pretend you see nothing because you hate women just as much as the actual perpetrators.

Disrespectful Black Man at Office Depot-Glen Burnie, Maryland

On an early weekday morning, I decided to get some errands done which included handling some business at the Office Depot. Since I was already in the area I went to the Office Depot in Glen Burnie, Maryland off Ritchie Highway/Route 2 near the MVA.

I was waiting at the customer service station counter. I was covered as usual, I had on pants a long tunic shirt which hit my hips and my hijab. I left my ankle-length sweater in my car, but nonetheless was covered. As I was waiting for the customer service cashier to conduct my transaction for payment. A much older, dark-skinned black man who appeared to be in his late 50s early 60s entered with a white guy about the same age and appeared to be a construction worker.

I focused my gaze on the customer service cashier in front of me when I felt someone staring as I looked to my right, the black man was making it obvious that he was staring at my posterior. I turned back around visibly irritated when I heard the white man he was with begin to chuckle. When I turned back around the black male, although a couple of feet away, was holding on to the counter with one hand and bending down trying to look under my tunic. The cashier a young white lady and myself just rolled our eyes and attempted to ignore both of them. I was lucky he didn’t grab me, because that was likely his next course of action.

To today’s black “Christian” men, you are the worst human beings I have consistently encountered in my life. You treat women of color worse than the Ku Klux Klan, racist professors or white policemen. You are a plague to your community and you continue the stereotype of “buckdancing” for Mr. Charlie. You will do anything to seek the approval of white men. Black men, by your actions you have declared yourself an enemy to decent women. You destroyed the Black Christian community and now you attempt to infiltrate the Sunni Muslim community which have many practicing Sunni Muslim Black American women. May G-d bring down His wrath upon you and punish you justly for your sins and offenses. I know you do not believe in G-d because if you did you would not disrespect His Creation, yes that includes women of color, especially G-d-fearing ones.

Street Harassment Segment: The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Tears Into Sexism’ Going on in the Senate 9/2/14.
It’s universal–Black men we do not owe you a smile, we don’t feel complimented when you applaud–we are trying to get from point A to point B to accomplish tasks. We are not trying to entertain you. You can tell the comment about ‘getting a smile’ it’s about black ‘Christian’ men. Disgusting low-level pigs.

Pay attention at 2:19


An Open letter to Black (Christian) Men

An open letter to Black Men:Street Harassment is Not a Compliment

Please leave me alone. I am a covered practicing Sunni Muslim in Maryland, I wish that you do not attempt to interact with me, drop lines, insult or harass me. The majority of you are Black and Christian or atheist. Why would you think a religious Muslim woman would be interested in you or complimented by your foul behavior? I find you nasty and disgusting. When I am at the Subway sandwich shop or Royal Farms and next to pay for my merchandise–you hover and linger at the register when your transaction is complete to make an excuse to stare to get my attention, make a pretext to touch me (“bump”) into me. Black Christian males you reinforce civilized society’s belief you are a threat. Well, because you constantly threaten my safety, your consistent pestering, sexual street harassment behavior have given countless women of color post-traumatic stress syndrome. While you think you have ‘game’ we look at you like the predatory phallic beasts you are–the reality is that you are a constant threat. The only person you impress is yourself with self-delusion (and unintelligible reinforcement by your groupthink/gang/homeboys who do not understand how the rest of the world, including Sunni Muslim Black American women see you) of sexual prowness which demonstrates you operate on a base/animalistic level. Just because your black Christian mother coddled you and reinforced your belief that whites are the sole source of your woes does not give you a pass to harass innocent women who make it obvious they have no desire to be harassed by you by:
1. Not responding to you;
2. Turning away;
3. Cursing you out;
4. Walking away from you.

You set yourself up for rejection by attempting to go after good, decent, educated religious women you have no chance with. Then you get upset with the target of your savage desires. You are not a Muslim (Ive seen the inner city converts-majority of you are just the same as–thugs with elf look claiming to follow Sunnah). If a Muslim was to bend the rules for a non-Muslim man it surely WOULD NOT BE FOR A BLACK ONE.

It is not just solely preference and disgust with your public behavior, statistically and objectively you are a poor choice for a decent woman who wants a beneficial future for a nuclear family and here’s why:
1. While many ethnic American men may not be religious many do respect religion. Black men do not, you do not respect structure, organization, or personal responsibility. Yet, you think you have the right yo access Sunni Muslim Black women because of their value. Our value is strengthened because our religion cultivated us and we know you don’t value the thing  (our beliefs) which helped to make us who we are so surely you will only harm, abuse or destroy us (demonstrated simply by your hostile attitude and the fact you try to “holla” at a covered Sunni Muslim; you wouldn’t dare approach a white nun–period). You are sociopathic bullies who try to intimidate respect out if people, thus do not know what respect is. Yes, many of us are afraid of you. When we see you we see harm; while you are laughing while nothing is funny we are thinking of calling law enforcement. You act like thugs but get upset when decent people stay away from you out of fear and claim racism. Well, I am a decent Sunni Muslim black woman I do the same-I know your modis operendi.
2. Statistically black men rape and sexually assault both black and white women–often. You have no self-control or self-restraint–today’s Black Christian male possess a prominent bestial nature. Thus, you are more proned to harm women.
3. You are ill-mannered and disrespectful in the name of rebelling against ‘the system’ but you only achieve disrespecting Sunni Muslim black and other decent women.
4. You are mysogynistic and view women as property:
a. No you cannot ‘get a smile.’ I owe you nothing. You are a stranger who is invading my space. I do not engage in unnecessary interactions with men generally, especially black ones.
b. No you cannot “holla” at me for “a second.” I will not allow a strange sexual predator to raise his voice at me or “drop lines” to contribute to your insatiable ego. I am not a “shortay” and stop venturing into our suburbs to prey on us. In other words no you cannot “talk” to me. Simply disgusting. You are sloppy, nasty, uneducated and do nothing more than sniff around. You do not belong among humans.
c. It is not flattering to keep clearing your throat, making hacking/hog spitting noises to get my attention. Clearly the only way you are capable of communicating with an actual human being is through these uncouthe, bestial sounds that you presume is some type of mating ritual. Reality check: you are the only one participating stay away from me.
5. 1:4 Black men are in prison, on parole or probation.  This statistic has remained true since the 1990s. You attempt to spread your filth on innocent bystanders and those who actually work hard, live decent and clean lives because you cannot do so. It amazes me how you want to live in the auburbs and have the benefits of this lifestyle but you do not change, you do not develop, you do not believe in God, you drink, gamble, smoke, prey on innocent women, are on the down-low, have multiple baby mamas–then have the audacity to think you deserve a good, decent, well-mannered covered religious Sunni Muslim? You are truly sociopathic, nasty and psychotic and I hope and pray you Black men stay away from me once and for all. Just to make it clear: We don’t want you. Despite your lack if intelligence maybe some of these words will sink in.

6. You hate being Black that is why you disrespect Black women or those you assume to be black or appear to have a gradient of pigment more than white women. You grab, put your finger on and otherwise attempt to touch Sunni Muslim Black women whom you have no right to. You are a STRANGER. Only a being with demonic proclivities or a devilish soul conducts themselve in this manner. You are nasty and evil.

6. You possess the evil eye. I noticed this among many Black Christian men and women. I am not referring to *rolling eyes* because of attitude. There is a specific evil that eminates from the eye that also gives off heat and energy and most people know beforehand that they have an inability to not harass someone who is minding their business. Black Christian men are demonic and in laymens terms you are incline to cause harm or make trouble for your entertainment and devilish pleasures.

7. Why can’t you mind your business. No one is talking to you and you are not “running things.” We know you have a problem with authority, structure and civilized environments because you rarely been in a position if authirity. NEWSFLASH: you do not have authority of me so stop trying to force me to speak with you. Not interested.

Therefore if a woman, including Sunni Muslim Black women do any of the following and you continue your course of conduct  you are a predator an sexual harrasser and assaulter:

1. She ignores you/does not respond.
2. She walks away from you.
3. She rolls her eyes.
4. She crosses the street to get away from you.
5. She looks away or opposite direction.
6. She gets on her cell phone.
7. She begins speaking to a stranger to alert someone you are harming her.
8. She gives a big sigh.
9. She curses you out.

So get a clue: Black man leave me alone.

Black Man Nearly Exposed Himself-Target off Route 198, Laurel Maryland

Due to safety concerns I do not share stories in chronological order. Incidents that I have experienced could have occurred yesterday, a month ago or a year ago. These are the trials I deal with being a practicing Sunni Muslim and Black American woman in America at the hands of Christians, particularly Black men:

One cold Fall day I was returning to my car after picking up some items from the Target off 198 in Laurel, Maryland near Ashley Apartments. As I was warming up my car, I decided to jot some notes down when all of a sudden a black male in his twenties with a baseball cap and urban streetwear began humping the driver’s side door and window. I was startled an made sure my doors were locked he had lifted his shirt baring his torso and the upper part of his boxer shorts and yelled for money yet stated he disnt have a gun. This happened in one minute. I turned and drove my car next to a 50+ while male sitting in bis car who appeared to have seen what happened and the black male ran away.

When I looked around the parking lot not only was I shocked that this Black male conducted himself this way but in broad daylight in a parking lot. I looked at the previous parking spot I was in and figured at an angle that he must’ve been watching me from the 7-eleven and ran from there.

Why would a Black Christian male think it was ok to approach a covered Sunni Muslim woman who is also Black American in this manner. Why would this ignorant beast assumed I would respind to him? As an adult I can say with statistical confidence that 98% of occurences and involuntary i teractions with black men have been negative. Please get this through your head. Sunni Muslim Black women due not want uou unless they are 1) poorly educated 2) from the inner city and act just as ignorant as you are.

You are disgusting and know that you will likely go to hell for all your sins including your disrespectful and predatory behavior against innkcent Black women.

Black man leave me alone, you do not belong amongst the civilized.

Harrassed While on DC Subway by a Black Man

One early evening I was taking the subway train from NW DC to College Park metro. I was sitting in an aisle seat of the left side of the train. While I had my earbuds in, I was looking at the bulletins and adverts on the train. There was a white older cyclist with his bike two seats in front but on the right side of the train. I noticed a mean looking black male standing and facing me but further away than the white guy. I just kept looking around the train and a few minutes later checked and sure enough the guy was looking at my chest area like he was preparing to attack me. I saw a woman waiting near the door and noticed she was getting off at the same stop I was. Just before the bell rang to open the doors I ran to stand beside her and get off. Apparently, the white guy saw the black guy’s attempt to intimidate me/ preparing his attack. By the time the door open the white guy used his bicycle as a buffer by placing it horizontal and pounded it twice while looking at the black guy. The white older guy stood closest to me and the bike was closer to the inside of the train. The black guy remained and turned away.

Cosmopolitan Article: Hidden Camera Shows How Much Women Get Harassed Every Day

August 1, 2014, Cosmopolitan Magazine

Hidden Camera Shows How Much Women Get Harassed Every Day

Whether it’s being catcalled, followed, or physically assaulted, street harassment is a pervasive problem. A short documentary from Vocativ talks to several women who share their harassment experiences. One interviewee agreed to wear a hidden camera as she walked around her city. Men called out at her, entered her personal space, and even purred at her as she simply walked on the sidewalk.

The Problem of Street Harassment is Bigger than You Think

Please check out this news article: Group forms to kick off fight Against Street Harassment, Iowa City Press Citizen, September 5, 2014

Men and women of all ages met Wednesday to discuss street harassment in Iowa City, with multiple people in attendance calling on area law enforcement and the University of Iowa president to address the issue locally.

The event was organized by Stella Hart, 24, an Iowa City resident who works for the Patient Education Institute in Coralville. Hart said she plans to investigate forming a local chapter of Hollaback, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting street harassment, which the group defines as sexual harassment that takes place in public spaces.

Hart said people should be aware that street harassment is not limited to a particular gender or sexual orientation.

“I think street harassment can happen to anyone, and male or female, they can be concerned about it,” she said.

More than a dozen people attended the forum Wednesday night at the Iowa City Public Library, including Harry Olmstead, a member of the Iowa City Human Rights Commission. Olmstead, who lost his right leg during a botched surgical procedure, said he was harassed by someone panhandling a few months ago while on the pedestrian mall downtown.

“He said, ‘Why don’t you get your (expletive) out of that chair and start walking?’ I was just shocked,” Olmstead said. “It was the first time anything like that has happened to me.”

Olmstead reiterated that street harassment is not limited to any particular group but said the topic is part of a larger issue that should be addressed throughout Iowa City and the University of Iowa.

“This goes along with the transparency of sexual abuse and rape that have been occurring, particularly on campus,” Olmstead said.

The University of Iowa has had three cases of sexual assault reported since Aug. 22, two of which were reported as having happened in a residence hall. The third reported incident occurred Monday in an “on-campus residence,” according to a notification sent to students this week.

“The statements that Sally Mason, president of the university, have made have basically belittled women and belittled what’s happening,” Olmstead said. “So I think that’s something we make sure we change, too, because they’re a part of our community. The student body makes up a large part of our community during the school year.”

Guests in attendance also questioned why the university’s “Nite Ride” program, which offers after-hours transport around campus for student safety, is available only to women, and how local police responds to reports of harassment.

Cedar Rapids resident Colette Saindon, 27, moved out of Iowa City last month. Saindon said she frequently feels forced to avoid the city’s downtown the weekends of UI football games after experiences wherein she was harassed about her weight.

“That’s seriously what I think now,” Saindon said. “(That) I better not be here on that Saturday (or) I better not go downtown on that Saturday.”

Susan Junis of the Rape Victim Advocacy Program in Iowa City said she hopes the group Wednesday can reduce the presence of street harassment in Iowa City by targeting people who aren’t necessarily directly participating.

“When we’re addressing bystanders, the message is that silence makes the situation worse. And silence sends a message that what that person is doing is OK,” Junis said.

The broader goal, however, will be to change the public’s attitude toward street harassment by addressing broader cultural issues before focusing on “bystander intervention,” she said.

“So it does have that component to it,” Junis said. “We do want people … to step in and say something, but it’s also about changing community norms so that it becomes something that is not acceptable.”

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified the age of Colette Saindon. We regret this error.