Places Where Black Males Position Themselves to Sexually Accost and Street Harass Women of Color in Maryland

The laundromat. Yes, where those who want get chores completed in a timely fashion. The laundromat on Route 1, Laurel, Maryland where the old Office Depot was. Early in the morning you will find the stereotypical dirty old black Negro whistling and attempting to accidentally ‘bump’ into an unaware Black woman so they can get their sadistic jollies. Disgusting. In particular there is a nasty dirty old tall black male with glasses and wears a Kango looking hat who bothers certain Black women. He is the typical Black “Christian” male of Maryland. Passive aggressive yet obvious street harassment he is likely a registered sex offender, so women who do their laundry there take note.

The public library. Whether it is the Laurel Public Library off Sandy Spring Road, East Columbia Library off Cradlerock Way or the Howard County Main Library you will find young things, dirty old white, black and African “Christian” males street harassing Black women trying to use the facility to be productive.

Parking lots.
Target. The list goes on.

The vast majority of today’s black males are beyond nasty. The eyeball rape and street harass Black women in order to assert control over that which he has no control. They are a social disease that replicates itself wherever decent women of color venture to. Black males as a whole have no morals, integrity or decency. So it should not surprise any civilized human being because these Black demons are imbued with the spirit of Satan with manifests in their demonic, street harassing tendencies.

Black males you are horrible and disrespectful. All those times Black innocent men in the 1930s and decades after, the reality is that it should be you in this time, right now. You deserve to be strung up on a pole for your daily terrorism against Black women. Justice will be at the door to take the trash out-that is you street harassing, licentious, “Christian” Negroes. You are repulsive and need to be quarantined from civilized society.

5 thoughts on “Places Where Black Males Position Themselves to Sexually Accost and Street Harass Women of Color in Maryland

    • Copy of a speech from a communist party with Zionist and a all Jewish members of the newly NAACP attending in America 1919. Speech Starts……….
      We must realize that our party’s most powerful WEAPON in America is racial tensions.
      By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites.
      On subversion we can mold them into the program of the communist party.
      In America we will aim for subtle victory on infiltration instead of invasion.
      While inflamming the black minority against the whites.
      By a ruthless conspiracy we will endeavor to brainwash the white into a sever guilt complex for their exploitation of the negroes.
      We will help the negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life in the profession’s in the world of sports and entertainment( singing, comedy, dancing, acting, talk show host, news anchor).
      With this prestige the negro will be able to marry with the whites, and begin a process which would deliver America to our will.
      This will take many decades, or even genrations that combines diplomatic, economic, and political operations to expand our sphere of influence.
      It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a Zionist Empire. End Speech
      The aim of our Party in our work among the Negro masses is to create a powerful proletarian movement which will fight and lead the struggle of the Negro race against the exploitation and oppression in every form and which will be a militant part of the revolutionary movement of the whole American working class … and connect them with the struggles of national minorities and colonial peoples of all the world and thereby the cause of world revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

  1. Black women have spoken dispassionately about black males pathetic achievement on earth. Black males contributed to the quality of lives for their own people is nothing substantial to mention. That s why more black women now hate black men! Black women s realization of the lack of black males importance to their own peoples longivity, and quality of life. Black males advancement in technology is so inadequate, the honey bee has more invention then black males. Black males would leave their wives, and un born babies in the tall grass if the women had complacations during birth. The black male would leave before preadators caught the smell of blood and attack. Millions of black women with their unborn baby were abandon and left to be eaten. That s 1 out of 7 black women, and unborn child died. While the white man loved his people enough to learn the womens body, and how to help the women during birth complacations. The ability of white men able to perform a c-section, and save millions of women, and baby is amazing still today. Now you know why black women are so pissed off. These black man are know using other races inventions to describe how important they have been. Black males use other races innovations to xxx with their women. Because their women don t understand, or deprave of centuries go pass without one invention to better their lives.
    Women have the power to human advancement in the world. During the start of history women only xxx the males that gave contribution to the advancement of the world. If women xxx males that didn t invent, discover, achieve, or create a better living for their people then all humans would still be living in the dark, and dying at a old age of 35. Black males are aware of this, so instead of inventing they have decided to steal inventions from white males, and claim that they created, and whites stole from them. Those parasites are what you xxx.

    • Saddest part is that the black male consistently treats all black women like garbage. If you are a good, decent, minding your own business black woman you are a target, they’ll leave the thuggettes and thots alone because those people have no hope for their lives. Black males like to tear down black women, especially in Maryland. You are the target of mockery, educated? you’re hailed as “stuck up”, decent? “you’re bougie”, mind your business “you’re crazy…” etc.

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