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A Warning: The Lurking Black Male

A Warning: The Lurking Black Male

You’ve seen the “lurker.” He loiters on corners and outside storefronts which puts him in a prime position to harass innocent passer-bys minding their business, on their way to work or on a lunch break.

They yell inappropriate comments, sinisterly smirk and make mental preparations on how they will accost you.

These Black “Christian” males are heavily populated in California (along BART train stations), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the Washington, D.C. (all quadrants) area, Maryland (especially, Prince George’s County, Baltimore, Howard County (Jessup, Savage), Anne Arundel County (Glen Burnie, downtown Annapolis/surrounding).

They are loud and belligerent and hope to destroy innocent strangers peace of mind. They particularly target Black women who are minding their business because they believe no one will help them and that they are disposable garbage. This mentality stems from their view that they hate themselves so enjoy targeting other people of color.

No I do not believe they are all like this, but too many are and if you have a day in which these vagrants have not cat-called you or street harassed you, consider yourself among the lucky, rare few.

You have been warned.

Street Harassed at Exxon Station in Prince George’s County, Maryland

One day I was getting gasoline at an Exxon either in Prince George’s or Howard County, Maryland. After adjusting the pump, I noticed a Black male grimacing at me about 15 feet away at a diagonal, westerly direction. I turned back to watch the digital counter and thought maybe I should make sure he doesn’t try anything. When I looked back in the diagonal direction the Black male was rushing towards me and as quickly as I could I pressed my car alarm in my key fob to alert my surroundings. The guy was about 3 feet away from me still opposite side of the gas pump. At that point and I looked briefly around and other men at their cars pumping gas was staring at the black male to which he turned away and retreated. This was broad daylight and a Black ‘Christian’ male was intending to assault me at a gas station full of witnesses. Preventative measures are the best safety protocol. Lesson: TRUST YOUR INSTINCT.

These BLACK, DEMONIC, “Christian” street/sexual harassers are like guerillas in the midst –they are everywhere.

I encourage everyone to share your stories, as I continue to post mine to alert the government and the world aware of these Black “Christian” predators/criminals.

A Thought…A&E, the First 48 and Black “Christians”

One day I was changing channels and happened upon A&E’s the ‘First 48.’ I have seen the show before and it is a reality crime drama/documentary type show. Following officers as they solve crimes (usually Black “Christian” males slaughtering other Black “Christian” males like animals–which most thing is ‘normal’ conduct).

Anyway, one case the officers were interviewing a witness a young Black male who watched his father get shot and killed. As the interview progressed the boy stated that the Black father asked the shooter “What did I do?, what did I do?” The assailant still had the gun pointed so the father ran and was shot and killed in the back.

As he was describing the gunman, the adolescent commented “It is always Black people.”  That is exactly what I have observed about street harassment in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. It is nearly always Black” Christian” malesimage and Black “Christian” ratchet, inarticulate, bastard children having, weave wearing, dark skinned, jealous, disrespectful, evil/bug eyed, dirty-mouthed with negative energy ones who have a demonic hankering to ignite conflict with law abiding, decent, strangers (mischiefmaking: prime characteristic of demonic inclinations).

For those who aren’t religious, mere observation of these types of Blacks which unfortunately is the majority will likely convince you that an esoteric force opposite of good dwells in their hearts and psyches. They are either possessed by demons, are versions (in form) of demons and/or worship Satan as demonstrated by their conduct. They may yell ‘Jesus’ but everything they do is against what Christ taught (anti-Christ). Their own religious book indicts them “…you are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father yea shall do.”

They are the embodiment of evil and like Chris Rock said “There is a civil war going on. There’s Black people and then they’re niggers.” Niggers are winning.

Decent, educated, well mannered, civilized Blacks should avoid the above described. They have a chip on their shoulder, hate themselves and instead of taking responsibility for their poor decisions in life and their failures they stew in their envious juices and will target you. You are not safe from their evil stares, in store, street, public buildings (like library) harassment. Use your intellect and look beyond color. They are not beyond reproach just because they share some superficial commonality with you such as the shade of your skin.

Be safe and use common sense, these Black male and female demons are out to disrupt and destroy people’s lives especially other Black people. Save yourself.

A Lesson to Black Male Street Harassers

My unofficial title of an animated you tube video in which a Black woman has to talk to a Black man like the child he acts because he cannot force a woman to give him attention he desperately craves because of his insecurities, base desires and whims.

Like NaS said these Black males are in their “second childhood. Black males grow up and stop demanding from strangers what they are NOT obligated to provide or go to jail. There are two things that any normal 5 year old is taught in America:
1. If you do not have any thing nice to say don’t say anything at all AND
2. Keep your hands to yourself.

Black male street harassers operate on a level below what a child who is still going through normal brain development understands. And you actually wonder why people think you are savage and have no desire to be near let alone live amongst you. Guilty Black male harassers = Simply repulsive.

This was posted a few years ago and remain oh so relevant. Notice in the dialogue she mentions DC, the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas have an epidemic of slightly functioning assaulters and street harassers cloaked in Black skin:

Street/Sexually Harassed at the Panera Bread on Dobbin Road, Columbia, Maryland

One morning at about 9:00 am or so, I decided to go to Panera Bread whose particular location on Dobbin Road in Columbia, Maryland, I usually do not venture to. I had to go to one of the stores in that plaza so I thought I might as well get breakfast too. Sounds simple? Not when a Black ‘Christian’ male STRANGER is stalking you.

I was in my car in the parking lot fiddling around for my shades and my purse when I noticed a Black male driving a grayish sedan pass by and slow down. I initially thought nothing of it because he parked about 5 spaces west of me. Just in case, I took an extra five minutes to ensure he exited his car and was actually out of the parking lot before I left my car.

I then was walking to the entrance of Panera Bread. This location has two attached stores on either side of it and mostly floor to ceiling wide windows as part of its entire storefront. As I stepped closer to the entrance I saw that same Black man staring from inside of the store at me. I turned towards the toward and ignored him.

As I entered, I noticed there was only one cash register open and guess he was chit chatting with the cashier–yes, that same Black male from the parking lot. I ensured I was approximately NINE FEET (9′) behind the Black male. Did not help at ALL. He kept glancing behind him in my direction and I literally turned away. He then continued to stagnate the line as it extended behind me–until another employee open the next register and said to me “May I help you?” At this point, I and the “stranger danger” were both at the order counter but different registers.

Next, is nothing but a Black “Christian” (with ‘Baltimore’ essence emanating from his pores) would do:

This Black “Christian” street/sexual harassing male poked me in my right arm and said to me “You dropped something.” Is there a reason why he had to touch me? Of course not, civilized, normal people just say “excuse me” but oh no, not this simian he just had to invade my personal space. If I was a white woman would he had touched me? No? A covered Arab Sunni Muslim? Yep, you guessed it still a “no.” I knew he was lying because I just got to the counter and hasn’t paid for my transaction yet so I hadn’t opened my purse yet for anything to have fallen out. In order to prevent an automatic violent response from this Black “Christian” predator I looked down and saw a beat up packet of kleenex that looked like it was marinating on the restaurant floor for hours. I quickly stated ‘that’s not mine’ and continued with my order. The cashier, a white female looked at the guy like “go away” instead he berated me for not engaging in unsolicited, unprovoked, unwanted, trying to be inappropriate dialogue. He snapped (though no one said anything further to the Black male suspect) ” ‘Scuse me for trying to be nice.” I ignored him and continued with my order he then started talking to himself–because I had said nothing else. After I pocketed my receipt in my purse, I went to get coffee in which the flavored coffee I wanted had been depleted. I then heard the Black suspect pacing back and forth berating about “nobody want to touch you anyway.” I thought-illogical statement- if you didn’t why did you? I went to the drink bar counter to inform them that one of the coffee containers needed to be replenished. The Black criminal was STILL yelling and mumbling. I stated audibly without turning around, “touch me again, I’m filing charges” as I continued to prepare my coffee. Apparently, my attempt to get a breakfast and to conduct a transaction could not occur without incident in the State of Maryland.

After getting coffee, I went to the counter for pickup orders. The Black All Rights Reserved‘Christian’ criminal was STILL yelling. I thought maybe I should call the police. Panera Bread on Dobbin Road full of white patrons and no one helped–who cares of an innocent Sunni Muslim who is Black is assaulted, accosted or killed by an insure Black Christian criminal. For many, if it had escalated, I have a feeling they would have internally applauded. Howard County is KNOWN for its overt racist attitudes towards Sunni Muslims.

However, there seemed to be one decent white woman who I thought was best to stand beside and was also waiting for her “to go” order.

I began to speak to her about travel and adventures and yes, you guessed the guy was still yelling and when his order finally was ready he asked the food preparer was it his. Then he looked at me and yelled, I want to make sure I don’t TOUCH someone else’s bag and stormed out.

I said to the woman I knew that guy was going to bother me, he kept staring at me as I entered the store. She said “…but it is such a beautiful day…” I thought yes, and these destructive Black “Christian” males are intent on destroying it for decent women who are minding their own business and aren’t interested in them.

Is not this something? HE is upset because I made it obvious that he should have NEVER put his hands on me.

Decent ladies, in broad daylight, in a suburban restaurant even then you have to be vigilant, listen to your instincts. I thought I did enough offense by waiting in my car before going in. Apparently, that and standing several feet is insufficient to ward them off. Nowadays, you have to act like your own S.W.A.T. team, director of recon., preemptive detective and surveillance of all known perimeters. If only I could create some harassment repellent and bottle it–I would make millions…there has to be some type of hormonal or genetic mutation where certain males are prone to sexual harassment/violent behavior that could be spliced or extracted.

Anyway, I digressed: The reality is that no one will assist or protect you in Maryland if you are a women of color.

Black ‘Christian’ males: A word to the wise, you should assume a Sunni Muslim Black American woman is not interested in you just as you assume that Arab, Persian and Indian Muslims are NOT interested in you. Your skin color does not provide some esoteric, anthropological exemption to our religious beliefs that we actually do practice everyday. You set yourself up for disappointment and with your inability to conduct yourself like a civilized human being in modern society you will likely set yourself up for imprisonment due to your violent and/or hysterical inability to accept the rejection you already know is imminent.

I think, just not for myself but for also those readers who are survivors of street harassment and accosting to make sure you get license plates, descriptions of cars, race, markings (like tattoos and moles) and locations. Tell your stories, let the world know how Black “Christian” male predators truly conduct themselves on a daily basis, how many women of color are not helped or protected in this so called free and democratic society; let their mothers, daughters, nieces, friends and wives know how they act in public towards innocent, decent women who are total STRANGERS. Expose these Black “Christian” criminals for the social demons they truly are. Most importantly, be safe and be careful.
*A Sunni Muslim Black American Woman

This is What I See When a Black “Christian” Man Street Harasses Me (Including the Thinly Veiled “Hi, how you doin’?”)

'Animal'-the Muppets

‘Animal’- the Muppets

All Rights Reserved

Yes, Black “Christian” males: when you street harass decent women you are viewed as out of control, subhuman beasts. And rightly so.

*A (covered) Sunni Muslim Black American Woman

Do mothers Need to Have ‘the Talk’ with Their Black Daughters About Black Sex Criminals/Offenders?

A couple of years ago there was an uproar about the ‘ghetto app” and also an op ed about white parents telling their white children how to avoid Blacks in general. Does the same talk (warning about uncouth, troublemaking, ghetto Blacks) need to take place with decent Black families who raise children with morals?–yes it does.

There is a new, additional meaning to the phrase “have the talk” aside from the birds and the bees. Nowadays mothers have discussed openly their apprehension of having a Black son and when he reaches pre-teen age teaching him about the police in America.

There is an additional definition of “the talk” that people appear not to mention as much or discuss openly: the talk that parents should have with their young Black girls about Black males’ conduct (black boys, black make street harassers, child predators, Black abusers and misogynists).

Black girls’ value as a human being with the right to walk to school or university without fear she will be accosted, raped, sexually assaulted, street harassed (hey baby, ‘hi, how you doin’?”, can I get your number?, Dayauuum, etc). Just as Black males fear police brutality, DECENT Black women and girls fear Black male street harassment. Just as much as a mother fear their son will be killed by law enforcement.

So should parents fear their Black daughter will be sexually assaulted or sexually street harassed by a Black male. Just as much Black mother you teach your son to respect police authority; parents should be teaching their Black sons to respect all DECENT women.

Until then, until there is a change, women must be extra careful when passing Black males on the street, in crosswalks, at restaurants, shopping centers and yes even the grocery stores. Until Black men leave us alone, you will not be safe to walk down the street/sidewalk freely in American cities–worse may be killed by a Black male for simply walking down the street with dignity and ignoring HIS inappropriate conduct.

The Philadelphia Tribune: People Share Their Stories at Anti Harassment Rally

Philadelphia Tribune, Samaria Bailey Tribune Correspondent | posted 3 weeks

People share their stories at anti-street harassment rally

Christian Hayden, left, prepares to record a message to women about street harassment at an anti-street harassment rally on April 12. —Tribune Photo by Samaria Bailey

Social Action group Fostering Activism and Alternatives Now (FAAN) Mail hosted its 5th annual “Stand Up Speak Out” anti-street harassment rally on Sunday at Love Park.

The rally was a kick-off to the global campaign “Meet Us On The Street: International Anti-Street Harassment Week,” and gave men and women the chance to express themselves about street harassment — defined by those who have experienced it as catcalling, making degrading statements, and harassment of minorities by police.

“I hope people continue sharing their story, that more men join the conversation and think about their role, and I hope people speak up,” said Nuala Cabral, co-founder of FAAN Mail.

The rally included a set of platforms for people to dialogue on the issue and activities for youth and passersby to join in and reclaim a “safe space.”

Women and men were recorded on video as they spoke about their experiences with street harassment; some posed for photos with white boards, on which were written the statements people have said to them on the street, or inspirational messages; Chalk was provided for people to write their feelings on the grounds. And a “catwalk” was set up to let people show how they would walk, if street harassment did not exist.

“It gives people a chance to share their stories without having to speak, but to have a positive image that encapsulates how they feel,” said Niamba Baskerville, a program coordinator and “photo booth” volunteer.

The double Dutch facilitator and a partner in the event, Kerrin Simmons, of Tuff Girls, said the activity was their way of advocating for a safe space.

“It’s good females are taking action to make everyone realize what we deal with,” said Gabby P., 17. “We don’t deserve it.” Gabby participated in the “photo booth” and “chalking” parts of the rally.

She has constant issues with street harassment.

“I’ve been yelled at, called out of my name, instead of being approached like a gentleman. If I turn down the catcall, I become a name to [insult] my complexion. I walk away.”

Christian Hayden, 27, a youth worker from Southwest, said his perspective of street harassment changed after participating in the rally. He has been a victim and perpetrator.

“I’ve been a victim [because] of the ways I have been stopped by the police multiple times, and as a perpetrator, when I was younger there were things I would do,” he said. “I think women of color are beautiful, but it’s also my responsibility that I support them in being comfortable in public spaces and that may mean not saying something or turning around.”

Cabral said FAAN Mail will continue hosting community workshops on the issue, and working with other organizations to educate the public.

List of Acts and Motives of Black ‘Christian’ Harassers

I have made a chart/list of what behavior patterns that Black male and female ‘Christian’ harassers and sociopaths tend to exhibit. Know that if they are socially raping your personal space or randomly stop you on the side walk or street:

Black Male (All shades, includes Jamaicans, Black Americans and West Africans-especially Nigerians)

•Desperate attempt at a sexual proposition

•Ask you for money

•Let you know they hate your clothes (they will mock Sunni Muslims for being modest and at the same time verbalize indecent and inappropriate proposals)

•Want to mock you (name calling, cat calling)

•They want to insult you (curse you out because you exist, they hate their lives and have no peace)

•Trying to distract you so someone else can “jack” your car or commit some other crime against you

•Demand money (even though they insulted you 10 seconds earlier
simply for existing)

•Hedonistic desire to destroy your life because they have already given up on theirs

•Street harass innocent women, decent women, women of faith including Sunni Muslim Black Americans

•Assault, man-handle, accost and/or rape you

•Engage random strangers in arguments because they know under normal circumstances ALL decent people regardless of color or faith would not have any form of social contact with them.

•Use religion as a pick up line as if a Sunni Muslim Black American do not know who Black ‘Christians’ are

•Con you out of something of value, like wages…and as some Black women who are wise to the deteriorating social situation have included “tricking women out of their wombs.”

Psychopaths, in general, have a hard time forming real emotional attachments with others. Instead, they form artificial, shallow relationships designed to be manipulated in a way that most benefits the psychopath. People are seen as pawns to be used to forward the psychopath’s goals. Psychopaths rarely feel guilt regarding any of their behaviors, no matter how much they hurt others.

Black Female (usually dark-skinned Black Americans and West Africans–tend to be more “aggressive” towards other people of color)

•Convert you to one of their various ‘Christian’ (Methodist, Baptist, AME, etc) sects

•Insult you (mainly your clothes)

•Demand money

•Call you a “b****” because they hate facts and truth about the Black ‘community’ problems in which they are a part. Yet claim ‘the devil is a liar,’ so if they despise truth and promote slander, falsities and general hatred to strangers what does that make them?

•Curse you (yep, if you are not savage: yelling at or do not have bastard children like they do, have a weave while making repetitive patting strokes to emphasize that you have false hair glued to your scalp because you are ashamed of who you are or smacking gum, “sucking teeth,” rolling eyes and exclaiming “All I know Is” or “I know that’s right” when they have no clue as to what someone is talking about)

•Yell ‘Jesus’ in a grimacing attack mode manner though they do not even ATTEMPT to emulate his qualities but yell it as an insult to Sunni Muslims who are highly educated and live clean lives who believe and already know who he is and know better to mock men of reverence as a superficial shield to veil the lack of true virtue one has.

•Demand money

•Make that cackling, inner city groupthink laugh to indicate that they hate themselves and hate you just as much because your positive existence reminds them how much they failed in their lives

•Act as a surrogate authority to strangers including decent Blacks who do not care nor solicit their opinions or personal life stories in retail and restaurants

•Engage random strangers in arguments because they know under normal circumstances ALL decent people regardless of color or faith would not have any form of social contact with them.

•It has become apparent that ALOT of Black ‘Christian’ women, aside from being ghetto and disturbers of the peace EVERYWHERE they go, are closeted lesbians. Even the ones with children are ‘coming out’ on reality television shows. SO, as far as they are concerned– be extra careful because I noticed they are the ONLY ones who consistently harass, give the ‘evil eye’ I am a predator stare to hard working, decent or modestly dressed women, are immodest themselves, curse like sailors and just as their Black ‘Christian’ male counterparts will randomly try to put their hands on women strangers as if they have a right to invade anyone’s bodily integrity. Do not trust them, if it is not this it is definitely one of the categories I previously mentioned or a combination. These people are heavily concentrated along the I-95, 295 corridors. BEWARE and BE VIGILANT. One’s safety is priority–regardless of whether they share the same color as you.

Not all Black “Christians” share these traits but from my daily experience and native to Maryland I would say approximately 97% of them exhibit this. Better to be safe and avoid contact with them as much as possible.

Black Lives Matter: These Protestors Do Not Believe Their Own Rhetoric

Black Lives Matter: These Protestors Do Not Believe Their Own Rhetoric

As a Sunni Muslim Black American woman who is CONSTANTLY harassed by ‘Christian’ men on a near daily basis in the State of Maryland and the DC Metropolitan area, I would like to urge all of America to understand that the protestors in Baltimore do not represent all Black Americans. I do not say this to detract from the reality of police misconduct but to look at the types of people and motives of those who are at the core of the protests in the City of Baltimore from day one:

(1) Inner city, uneducated, ghetto Black ‘Christians’. They only state that Black lives matter when one or two white police officers are likely guilty for killing unarmed black male criminal suspect. This displays a SEVERE convenience of their proclaimed belief. One, where were all the protests when some of those very same gang leaders in your community were murdering and aiding in the proliferation of drugs in your neighborhoods–why is it when a handful of police engage in misconduct that you ‘take back’ your communities but not before when you destroy your own inner cities. So, it is acceptable among these inner city Blacks to kill each other off, rape and harass other Blacks but a national protest when law enforcement do it? This is a sick groupthink, ‘gang’ mentality. These protesters do not believe Black lives matter look how they have treated other Blacks for decades.

(2) Black loves matter?: Only if you are ignorant, high school drop out criminal, gang member, drug dealing, cat calling, ignorant street harassing ‘Christian’ male. Notice there is NEVER a protest when a Black woman dies at the hands of Black or white men, these types of people only raise their voices when a black male who is reasonably suspected of criminal activity is injured or dies. Yet, Black ‘Christian’ males are constantly responsible for sexual harassment on the job, and guilty of street harassing and assaulting Black women on a near daily basis. Let alone the high number of domestic violence incidents, Black men living off Black women wages, raping stepchildren, referring to her as ‘that bitch’ ‘situation’ and ‘female’ as if a Black woman should be known as an object or mammal for reproduction purposes only. Who weeps for a Black woman’s safety? even her life?

Where were the protests when Black male street harasser slit the throat of an innocent Black woman who did not want to engage in unsolicited conversation? Where was the so-called Black community’s outrage then?

(3) Black males today as a whole could care less about the safety, honor and respect of Black women. I can say as a Sunni Muslim that street harassment is something I have dealt with nearly my entire adult life in the State of Maryland and now in Howard County, Maryland. From Black, obese, short women accompanied by their Black male counterparts who harass me engage in false imprisonment-yes these Negroes jump in front of the doorway and will block your entry into East Columbia Library (Cradlerock Way, Columbia, Maryland) to throw their so called ‘Christian’ cult mindset upon you. To sexual street harassment by illiterate, dirty and nasty Black males at the Staples on Snowden River Parkway, the park at Dasher Green, Columbia Mall, the red line going into The District of Columbia metro, restaurants in Linthicum. Black Christian men and women are both guilty of self destructive, street harassment and other criminal behavior.

Beyond this, how many times has a Black man raped his stepchild, killed his child and “baby’s mother”, murdered a Black woman when she had enough sense to move on and find a decent guy and that Black male killed him as well? Black males who engaged in drive-by shootings, threaten their communities if they disclose criminal activity (remember the gang members that bombed an entire family who reported drug activity in her BALTIMORE neighborhood?) Fired weapons killing innocent Black children, Black women in which stray bullets killed innocent Black children in their home to get initiated in a gang, to ‘settle beef,’ gain territory for more drug dealing, Black families who live in constant fear that they cannot walk down the street in their own neighborhoods for fear that a BLACK man will “gun them down” , sexually assault, street harass or rob them?

The initial core protestors believe that only Black ‘Christian’ criminal lives matter not Blacks who are hard working, educated law abiding, and decent–especially of you are a Sunni Muslim–if you display good quality and character these same ‘Christian’ Blacks will refer to you as a ‘sell-out.’ They truly do not know what the word means because they ‘sell out’ their communities everyday by making them unsafe and uninhabitable due to their own Black ‘Christian’ behavior. So if there was ever any true plan to destroy Black communities by some unseen cabal then the sell-outs are the inner city, ignorant Blacks who do so rendering the former with clean hands.

‘Black lives matter’? Think about that expression Black male the next time you intend to harm or make a Black woman unsafe through your conduct of street harassment.

To the Black ‘Christian’ obnoxious women harassers who think everyone should emulate you as if your incessant need to wear weaves, fight over sneakers, force yourself into people’s personal space and disrespect, roll your eyes and talk about strangers’ clothes, “jump” lines in retail stores in an effort to instigate arguments and fights that fuel your bestial, aggressive tendencies, to your unnecessary, inciteable “beat down” stare to total strangers who mind their business but because they are covered Sunni Muslims who actually practice their religious beliefs perhaps you should reflect on why many strangers avoid your kind in public and would not want to dare emulate you. You are no better than those same Black males described above.