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At the Laundromat, Linthicum Heights, Maryland

One day I was running errands and ended up doing laundry at a laundromat in Linthicum Heights off Camp Meade Road, Maryland (Anne Arundel County).

The laundry mat had huge nearly ceiling to floor windows. There was also an employee working on dropped off laundry orders. As I was putting my clothes in the dryer, a large, brutish, dark skinned Black “Christian” male stopped and stared. Initially, I assumed he was passing by the storefront but had an eery feeling so I glanced a few minutes later and he was still there. The employee noticed he was staring as well and paused the clothing she was folding–around this time he entered the laundromat closest to the entrance and the older female employee walked up to him and asked what he wanted. About the same time another older woman who was waiting for her clothes to dry, and just as the employee was also Caucasian rose from the seating and stood beside the employee and asked the same thing. He was still staring at me as I watch the situation unfold as I was still placing my laundry in the dryer. He had no laundry with him, he was a total stranger and had to be blocked from bothering me by two Caucasian older women which did actually surprise me.

This Black “Christian” male was about to harass me and two older women saw the signs and stopped him from getting near me. He left within two minutes of not being able to state the nature of his business–because he had none.

Black “Christian” males you have been given countless directives and advice that a covered Sunni Muslim Black American has no interest in you. Keep in the course you are headed and you will find yourself in court on harassment and assault charges. Black man leave me alone–at this point black males should be charged with a hate crime for targeting Sunni Muslim women. Simply disgusting.