This site is dedicated to women of color and black women who are constantly harrassed by black male STRANGERS. Whether walking down the street, on the way to work, the grocery store, bus stop, parking lot to one’s car, restaurants, shoe repair shop, department store, modestly dressed,  dressed for work  or for a workout there is ALWAYS a black male predator waiting to throw “How you doin'” in your face. This site is intended to be a cathartic place. A refuge of sorts for women who are tired of black men approaching them like meat appearing as nothing but a penis with a human head because it is immediately apparent that is all the majority think about. Please share your stories, suggestions and most of all WELCOME!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. What I’d like to see is for ALL the harassment groups, even bullying ones too, to create a mega-group or a federation of sorts. It doesn’t matter if the focus is LGBTs, TSs, Black women, White women, Asian women, gay men, pregnant women, etc. Really, we are all working on the same goals. We need to form a powerful lobby to have a force in our states and in DC. Right now, I see all these splinter groups, and we need something more powerful with solid funding. Oh, I don’t agree with the ideology of all of them. For instance, I don’t have the reputation of supporting the LGBT movement, and I find it harms transsexual women. Likewise, I believe that prostitutes contribute to street harassment, since it cheapens every women and causes men to expect and demand sex from women. However, I believe EVERYONE should be free of sexual harassment and street harassment, regardless of race, income, sexual orientation, gender identity, occupation, tye of transportation, etc. We know that poorer women face sexual harassment and street harassment more. Women who work outside get it more too. Those who walk, bike, or take public transportation get it more than those who drive, ride with friends, or take a cab. That isn’t fair.

    Also, we need a diverse representation and leadership. A lot of Black men attacking the street harassment movement is calling it a “White thing,” or say that Holly Kearl is behind it all and doesn’t represent them, and they will even attack her Black fans, calling them sellouts and all. The same was said of the recent NFL changes, saying that White women were spearheading it. I agreed that was imbalanced, since most players are Black, and most of them have Black families. So why weren’t Black women given a voice?

  2. I’m at a Christian women’s program in Seattle. The vast majority of my gangstalking/TORTURERS are black FAKE/PAGAN Christian women right here in this program. There are several employee’s here participating in this gangstalking/TORTURE as well. These are nothing more than satan loving/worshiping scumbag black women/men. I guarantee you they’ve been on drugs/welfare their entire life. In addition to that, they are all FELONS with a 5th. grade education. That’s fine..
    let God judge them, and bring them to justice.
    There will be a judgment day, and they will all stand before God, and answer for all the TORTURE/PAIN/MISERY they’ve INFLICTED on innocent people. God has set aside a special place for these fake Christian/PAGAN, devil Worshipping LOSERS!!!

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