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A Website about Street Harrassment

This is a short post. I just came across this website entitled: Stop the Street Harrassment. Apparently it is a depository for statistics, stories and the like concerning sexual harrassment. Likely to expose how uncivilized American men are, especially the black ones:


This blog is dedicated to black women, women of color thrown in the “black” category and others who are sick of being sexually harassed by black men. As in America’s history, few care about the well-being of non-white women and children. Black women and those similarly situated have been constantly harassed, killed, and raped by black men who cannot take no for an answer. It’s time to take a better stand. Fight for your rights, carry mace, host meet-ups for self-defense, write your local council people and state government that more measures need to be taken to protect women. Most of all be safe!

please share your stories, it may become a new entry on this blog!