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What Decent Black American Women Deal with Every Day in Maryland and D.C.: Original Photo Chart

Draft project

The Anatomy of the Black “Christian” Male Street Harasser and Sexual Predator In Modern America-2016

I decided to provide a visual aide for those who cannot comprehend what Black women, professional, college students, mothers, any decent Black women who has to go through just to grocery store shopping, get to class, work, run errands be productive at the public library has to deal with on a daily basis, especially in the Washington, D.C. metro area (all quadrants, Prince George’s County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, City of Baltimore. It doesn’t matter if work downtown but live in the suburbs, those old posters of black males lusting after white women in the 1930’s were probably true, just replace the blonde white female with the black women and this is what has been happening for decades). Speak up Black woman.


*Note: Photo-All Rights Reserved-used for educational purposes

A Warning: The Lurking Black Male

A Warning: The Lurking Black Male

You’ve seen the “lurker.” He loiters on corners and outside storefronts which puts him in a prime position to harass innocent passer-bys minding their business, on their way to work or on a lunch break.

They yell inappropriate comments, sinisterly smirk and make mental preparations on how they will accost you.

These Black “Christian” males are heavily populated in California (along BART train stations), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the Washington, D.C. (all quadrants) area, Maryland (especially, Prince George’s County, Baltimore, Howard County (Jessup, Savage), Anne Arundel County (Glen Burnie, downtown Annapolis/surrounding).

They are loud and belligerent and hope to destroy innocent strangers peace of mind. They particularly target Black women who are minding their business because they believe no one will help them and that they are disposable garbage. This mentality stems from their view that they hate themselves so enjoy targeting other people of color.

No I do not believe they are all like this, but too many are and if you have a day in which these vagrants have not cat-called you or street harassed you, consider yourself among the lucky, rare few.

You have been warned.