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Do mothers Need to Have ‘the Talk’ with Their Black Daughters About Black Sex Criminals/Offenders?

A couple of years ago there was an uproar about the ‘ghetto app” and also an op ed about white parents telling their white children how to avoid Blacks in general. Does the same talk (warning about uncouth, troublemaking, ghetto Blacks) need to take place with decent Black families who raise children with morals?–yes it does.

There is a new, additional meaning to the phrase “have the talk” aside from the birds and the bees. Nowadays mothers have discussed openly their apprehension of having a Black son and when he reaches pre-teen age teaching him about the police in America.

There is an additional definition of “the talk” that people appear not to mention as much or discuss openly: the talk that parents should have with their young Black girls about Black males’ conduct (black boys, black make street harassers, child predators, Black abusers and misogynists).

Black girls’ value as a human being with the right to walk to school or university without fear she will be accosted, raped, sexually assaulted, street harassed (hey baby, ‘hi, how you doin’?”, can I get your number?, Dayauuum, etc). Just as Black males fear police brutality, DECENT Black women and girls fear Black male street harassment. Just as much as a mother fear their son will be killed by law enforcement.

So should parents fear their Black daughter will be sexually assaulted or sexually street harassed by a Black male. Just as much Black mother you teach your son to respect police authority; parents should be teaching their Black sons to respect all DECENT women.

Until then, until there is a change, women must be extra careful when passing Black males on the street, in crosswalks, at restaurants, shopping centers and yes even the grocery stores. Until Black men leave us alone, you will not be safe to walk down the street/sidewalk freely in American cities–worse may be killed by a Black male for simply walking down the street with dignity and ignoring HIS inappropriate conduct.