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REPOST/UPDATED-PART II: (When Blacks Attack and Rape their Own Daughters/Sons & Mothers: What Chance do Victims of Their Street Harassment Have?) Now for the black FEMALES who rape, street harass and sexual assault men, black women and black children

Rape, street harassment and sexual assault are not only perpetrated by black males but also their black “Christian” female counterparts. One of the most publicized rapes committed by a black woman occurred in Seattle, Washngton in which a two black women picked up a white guy hitching a ride and pulled a gun on him while the other raped him:

· 2013: ‘Cierra Ross, Chicago Mom, Charged With Raping Man at Gunpoint’:

Another instance occurred when a black “Christian” female climbed through a white male’s window and mounted him while he slept:

· 2014: ‘Woman charged with Breaking Into Home and Raping Man’:

These black “Christians” know no bounds in violating another’s bodily integrity and boundaries:

· 2017: ‘Woman rapes man at knifepoint after he makes sex tape threat’:

In Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia, a core group of black “Christian” females harass other black women.  There is a subtle known fact that many of these black “Christian” females are butch or closeted lesbians and seek to hit on, verbally abuse and mock heterosexual women, especially if the latter is modest and religiously clad.  You will witness these black lesbian “Christians” (oxymoron) in their best passive aggressive antagonism, beginning with an exaggerated, abrupt grunt or cough to get another woman’s attention; followed with jumping (literally) in another woman’s face or cutting her off the road or in line.  Some of these black female street/sexual harassers will snatch your hand in the grocer check out line or as you use a computer in the public library.

Black FEMALE street harassers are just as dangerous and sexually deviant as their modern day male counterparts-so decent, heterosexual woman we must take heed of our safety on more levels than one. Many of these black pagan “Christians” are “butch” “aggressive” and “troublemakers because they are indeed CLOSETED LESBIANS.  Their aim is to intimidate heterosexual woman just as much as their DOWNLOW black male cohorts.  Many of these black “Christian” sexual and street harassers pretend to be “religious” thinking any decent woman would let their guard down so they can molest, sexually assault and/or rape you–just like their males intend to.  No normal functioning, well-adjusted adult woman conducts themselves in this manner.  They are delusional, dangerous and attempt to have a façade of a semi-functioning adult who actually contributes something beneficial to society.  They lie in wait, stalking other women, what other than lesbian is obsessed with another grown woman who is a total stranger?  Keep aware of these predators, they are unstable, disgruntled and prone to listen to the whisperings of black males who encourage such nonsense.  They are desperate for approval from black pagan “Christian” harassers who use them up and told them they are nothing; manipulate them (think of Othello whispering into the ruler’s ear).  They are a sick people who are so self-deluded they cannot see how the world views them and their self-inflicted insanity.  Just more evidence of why they will never be accepted–they are unable to integrate properly and with dignity in a civilizing world.  That’s like releasing wild boars into a formal black tie affair and expecting the evening to progress without a problem.  These types of black pagan “Christians” of today are the true enemies of democracy and have been for decades.

warning.jpgEven their own ghetto black pagan “Christian” males refer to these aggressive, sexually deviant, closeted lesbian, gang-stalking, troublemaking black pagan fake “Christian” females as imbued with a ‘Jezebel spirit’ and as beastsNo argument here.

Yet, they will use these same misguided (usually low self-esteem, dark skin and wicked) black females to “go after” women who have rejected them en masse.  Both seek to devour innocent souls and suck them into the vacuum of the fake black “Christian” pagan delusion of debauchery, street harassment, legitimizing rape, assault and sexual abuse of their children. They delusions of righteous grandeur, fed to them by the black male ghetto “Christian” handler.  It’s so ironic and hypocritical for American “Christians” to teach children in school that their body belongs to them, warning signs of an inappropriate adult, etc., only to realize that as an adult no rules apply; both men and women will violate children and other women’s bodily integrity in broad daylight, that men will venture to social media erroneously defending their right to touch women strangers and street harass them while bashing other religions and culture. You will find that witnesses will pretend not to see anything or choose not to get involved resulting in lack of law enforcement of crimes as well as rape culture.  You may also want to view this video about black “Christianfemale predators:

These over the top, insecure street harassing ghetto black “Christians” are truly sexual predators in all facets of life (family, work, civilian, etc.).  Just observe them.  They will also start to “short-circuit” and begin instigating civilized folks, spewing vitriol all while maintaining the schizophrenic view that they exemplify righteousness.  Haven’t you noticed how they are always trying to find an excuse to put their hands on another woman who’s a total stranger?  Haven’t you noticed how they become inexplicably disgruntled when a heterosexual female stranger do not engage in their provoked antagonism, they become even more aggressive in an attempt to get the woman stranger to acknowledge/speak to them.  These are their lesbian behaviors that are so obvious to the casual observer.  These people are nasty and demonic.

So the question must be posited of what chance does a decent, law-abiding, heterosexual, religious woman have against these degenerates when they rape, molest or sexually assault their own children/minor family members, let alone their neighbor’s? (here is a sample of what has been going on for decades):

·  February 06, 2017:  ‘Woman charged with rape of 4-year old boy’:

· January 12, 2017: ‘ Dover woman gets probation for rape of 13-year-old’
                 = black “Christian” privilege

·  August 05, 2016:  Fort Lauderdale woman booked on charges of molesting children

· September 12, 2014:  A black “Christian” female kidnaps and rapes a Muslim girl by dressing in traditional middle-eastern attire; leaves her half-naked for others to sexually assault the child:

· July 30, 2009:

There is no clear or easy answer.  If these black pagan “Christian” women aren’t molesting children, then they are street/sexually harassing heterosexual women.  Everyone knows it is true and they have been doing this for decades, black “Christian” privilege has limited public outrage and prosecution in the United States.  People are leaving their years of silence and shame to expose their evil, indecency and sexual debauchery while they conceal their sex crimes with a transparent veil of religious ‘holiness.’  For any video listed, you may want to read the comments, it is an eye opener to these disgusting demons cloak in human flesh.  This is the epitome of evil:

(, they are harassing heterosexual women and making passes at them.–all the while claiming their are good “Christians”.  Just observe them if you haven’t already done so. This is a great portion and normalized social dysfunction of black “Christian” culture in the United States.  There is no clear or easy answer except preventative measures which includes discerning their traits and characteristics so they may be readily identified as normally functioning, heterosexual women do not conduct themselves in such a manner.