This is Jeopardy: Street Harassment Edition

Welcome, to Jeopardy: Street Harassment Edition, on the board we have common categories addressing the epidemic of black “Christian” street harassment of others.  Let’s take a look at the board and contestant no. 1, you may choose any category to start off:


Jeopardy edited

jeopardy answers-1jeopardy answers-2jeopardy answers-3

9 thoughts on “This is Jeopardy: Street Harassment Edition

    • Lol @ the skit, not at being harrased.
      Black guys here have haresssed me going down the street, even though I’m a man. It’s usually begging for money, but the Hebrew Israelite guys hurl all sorts of random insults, calling Asian people slants, and calling any black girl in our group a “bedwench.”

      They must hate humanity. Sucks.

      • Black men today on a grand scale are envious of their own women. When women find people they’re are comfortable around regardless of race of religion, you see those same black males insulting black women, who are total strangers, in public-just proving why decent black women don’t want to have anything to do with these hoodrat, thug-losers. They knew they never had a chance with decent black women and are simply jealous. These types of black male “Christians” are a plague to the entire black collective. We need human roach spray.

    • That’s putting it mildly. The saddest part is worst for black women to walk in black areas because these black males lie in wait. Also educated black women have to see these predators when they work on the job in downtown areas hanging around office buildings and venturing to suburban neighborhoods where some black women live.

      • I live in St. Louis. There’s a Hebrew Israelite group on the Delmar Loop that harasses people who walk by.

        What about promoting concealed carry among black women? Black Women have the same 2nd Amendment rights as everybody else. I read that HALF of black girls are raped by black men before they turn 18, and that a black woman was way more more likely to be murdered by her boyfriend than a white woman. If that’s the case, gun safety courses and training, and a concealed firearm, would be really useful. I’m sure some women are already using it to protect themselves.
        I’ve wondered about police. When the riots broke out here (I work in Ferguson) it was mainly black Women leading the protest groups. That doesn’t make sense to me because the only thing from keeping black men from setting up a Haitian style slave market and turning black Women into chattel is the police force. Without the cops black Women would be abused even more than now. So it seems like they would support the police. Who else can they call if the black man in their lives is abusing them? I’ve seen this multiple times back when I still taught high school. A girl’s mom would get a new live in boyfriend;who would then rape her daughters (and sons even). More than once a child told me that their mother attacked them when they told them they were being molested. Fortunately we were able to get in touch with the police on multiple occasions. I heard that one woman “didn’t want to contribute to another black man going to jail.” That’s amazing because no one deserves jail more than a rapist or molester. I’m glad I’m no longer a teacher.

      • …I thought about your keen observation about black women protesters. Just a side note: not all black women are innocent, there black female harassers as well. So if they are defending these types of black males, more likely than not they are just like them. Remember the adage of “birds of a feather, stick together.”

  1. II address this issue in a previous blog post here: n Maryland, generally conceal carry is against the law and carry mandatory sentence with the exception of law enforcement. When the previous federal administration was so adamant about promoting stricter gun laws; including Maryland, a major gun manufacturer Beretta left Maryland. Law abiding citizens are being punished:
    Thugs and other criminals are the ones who are evading the gun laws while law abiding citizens are the victims twice over.
    I addressed your keen observation here:
    See 2) paragraph #2

    It appears that these black males and women suffer from a type of psychosis.. these women were abused and beaten multiple times at the hands of black males suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Other than participating in protests to protect the worse representations of the black community they have an undeniably false loyalty to black males. To be honest, this mentality is most prominent among black American “Christian” females. They believe that standing up for black male criminals is the ultimate middle finger to the white establishment. However, they fail to realize how unintelligent an ridiculous they appear to other members of the black collective as well as the broader society. Another contributing factor to this display of loyalty from black women to black males is to hide the discovery of their criminal activity. There are just as many sexual harassers among black “Christian” females as their are among males. Ask any woman in an office about black “Christian” females following them to the bathroom and trying to stare between the cracks of the door while a woman is using a stall. Others are undercover/masculine lesbians who are prominently reveal themselves on reality shows. To note, most of the founders of BLM are lesbian, queer, LGTQ “Christians” who want their behavior justified morally and by law–that is to accost, street harass and sexually harass without impunity other women. That’s why it is a farce.

    Now years ago, black women as a whole were not like this. You needn’t have to look past 15 years ago when I can recall a short article in The Economist (you cannot get more mainstream than that) and black women were protesting the domestic violence of black males against black women. Now these more recent generations and delusional older black “Christian” women are protecting them. Interesting how culture, time and environment can change the tides of events, even if nonsensical.

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