Men in France could be fined €90 for harassing women in the street

Anytime a country has to legislate basic manners and civility, it is an indication that the country becoming a third world-esque nation.  Maryland is already considering street harassment laws, while it is rumored that Los Angeles, California has already passed ordinances in which street harassers will receive citations. Yet France, on a national level decided to officially tackle the pervasive issue of sexual/street harassment.  At least one western nation is taking a stand. America, leader of the free world, what will you do?:

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Men in France could be fined €90 for harassing women in the street                                      Thursday 25 January 2018 12:25 GMT

Men in France could face fines of €90 (£78) for making lewd comments about women in public, under new plans to tackle street harassment.

A government report recommends enforcing the fine for behaviour that infringes on “the freedom of movement of women in public spaces and undermines self-esteem and the right to security”.

The plans come from a parliamentary working group on street harassment launched by gender equality minister Marlene Schiappa.

A longtime ally of President Emmanuel Macron, Ms Schiappa said in September that new measures were needed to address the “grey zone between consented seduction and sexual aggression”.

Men who make loud and lewd comments about women, follow them or block their path could be fined, according to measures suggested in the report.

The parliamentary group suggested imposing a €90 fine on those who pay immediately, increasing to €200 (£174) if it is paid within 15 days and €350 (£304) if the payment is later than that.

It did not recommend impose fines for wolf-whistling, according to French daily Le Croix, contrary to earlier reports.

The report is set to be presented to Ms Schiappa next week, along with France’s Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet and Minister of the Interior, Gerard Collomb. The ministers will then put a bill on sexism and sexual violence to parliament.

Mr Macron has said tacking street harassment will be a priority for his government and in November said  ”women in the republic cannot be afraid to go out” .

3 thoughts on “Men in France could be fined €90 for harassing women in the street

  1. Are they going to punish black guys for this?
    They will probably punish some white guy who is asking for directions. Or some Muslim guy doing his job.
    Governments are evil now, and for some reason black men are often untouchable by the authorities.
    But I do hope the law makes it easier to get rid of harassers.

    • Decent black women suffer because other black women coddle black male privilege which spills over to local government support (Democratic party) doing the same. The even kill and harass interracial couples with a decent black woman and a white male.

      Black “Christians” get away with everything when it comes to committing crimes against black women, especially Sunni Muslim black women.

      • So it’s the mother’s at home causing this? I had suspected as much.
        I saw a recent video of a black teenage boy hitting his black mother as hard as he could in the face. There was no sense of gratitude or love.
        Also no masculine honor whatsoever. Most men would be worried about being called out as cowards for doing something like that, or even other men retaliating against him, but this kid had no qualms. Scary.

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