I originally created this post nearly two years ago (October 2014) and it remains true today in light of these shootings and black male hypocrisy.

Just a Thought: Black Male Hypocrisy and Street Harassment




4 thoughts on “REPOST:

  1. Not really, I do not think it is generally safe to talk about such things with people you do not know even if you are part of the same race. Black males have a history of intimidation, stalking and street harassing black women for simply minding their business, let alone expressing an individual opinion.

    • Scary but true. The reason I said that BW are waking up…youtube Breukelen Blue, Nicole Little, Egypt Ann Unstoppable, Dominique True and more.

      • It’s good to hear because our voices were drowned out or rather verbally beaten down by the enablers and coddlers who viewed black women and girls as worthless collateral damage.

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