Three Characteristics of Black Male Street Harassers

In the State of Maryland, especially in counties such as Howard, Prince George’s Anne Arundel and Baltimore County (and of course Baltimore City) there are three distinguishable traits that any decent woman can discern from the typical black male street harasser.  They are quite reminiscent of what normal functioning, intelligent children are taught and grasp the concept of basic respect of human beings who may cross their paths in normal everyday settings.

1) The black male street harassers a/k/a apes in heat have nothing “nice” or proper to say to their intended targets. [If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all].  They are flustered and frustrated and because of the lack of intelligence they are dumbfounded as to why a decent woman not only rejects their inappropriate (and criminal) behavior but is simply disgusted and repelled by it as well.  No worries, the black male street harasser will pursue his own form of self therapy by designating decent women who reject them as “crazy,” “stuck up,” and “she ain’t right.” Yes, to these social vultures a decent woman who demands to be treated with respect and not have unattractive, disrespectful, ghetto black boys further disrupt her personal space or her day is dismissively deemed by them is not right. PSA to black male street harassers: You are not right! You disrespect religious women, decent women (regardless of belief system) and women who mind their business.  You cannot handle rejection because you are constantly coddled by your Black “Christian’ mother who sees you as either her free ride ticket ala welfare or her mate replacement due to single motherhood.

Therefore, your only line of attack is to insult, in the more ways than one. You see putting your hands on a TOTAL STRANGER is beyond an insult, it is criminal. Verbally abusing a woman because she has ABSOLUTELY no interest in your kind is an insult. The world does not revolve around you. Decent women of color should not have to tolerate your abuse, sexual harassment and sexual assault just because you think “she’s cute.” You are disgusting and reptilian and you deserve every form of disdain society has to offer.  Yet, you have the unintelligent and misinformed audacity to insult decent, innocent women who know better than to tolerate your ignorance, foolishness and crimes.   Get over yourself and stay out of our faces:  especially the ugly, dark-skinned, uneducated, uncivilized black males in Howard County and Prince George’s County, Maryland.  You are the reason white flight is rampant. Please also note that 98% today’s dark-skinned black male “Christians” who street harass.

2) They have an INABILITY to keep their hands to themselves.  [Keep your hands to yourself].  There are subtle, not so subtle and extreme behaviors on this criminal spectrum.  The first is to pretend to “brush” by their intended victims.  Yes, black males at Howard County Library on Cradlerock Road, Columbia, Maryland including the old black male librarian with the greying beard is guilty of this.  Of course they only do this to black female patrons.  They will also do this at grocery stores, box stores, restaurants, any place there is a female and a black male she will likely be a victim.  Of course there is the most obvious, trying to touch you:  standing too close behind you in the line as they prepare to “dry” rape you. Reaching out to GRAB a woman’s arm or hand while she uses a computer or walking on a public sidewalk.  The most obvious is the grope; this touching is distinguishable from the just mentioned one as this is geared towards a woman’s private parts (including that which lies below her décolletage).  Black males today (this is particularly acute among the dark-skinned ones) are generally black devils.  They are in a constant wicked mode of sniffing, plotting and trying to “slide up next to” a TOTAL stranger in order to street harass and rape his intended female target.  Black males in Maryland are naturally uncouthe, sinister, disrespectful, annoying, social rapists who try to play the victim card (as a black male) when in reality they are the criminals, the perpetrators and predators let loose on decent society where no woman is safe. Broad daylight, makes no difference, it just emboldens them as civil society remain in shock that they are allowed to roam the streets without repurcussion for their actions.  Make sure that there are consequences and file charges for EVERY offense these black predators do. Street harassment, sexual assault, verbal harassment, stalking, are all not only immnoral (of course they are not bound by a center of ethos) but it is ILLEGAL.  Make them pay until they can no longer be amongst civilized society.

3) Black “Christian” males in today’s Maryland like to buck their eyes and attempt to intimidate and make women feel uncomfortable when they are in your presence. [It’s not polite to stare]. There is a saying that the eyes are the window into one’s soul.  It is can be an intimate exchange or an invasive tactic.  The purpose of this black male tactic is to make a women feel vulnerable. These bug eyes dark skinned black males use your moment of feeling uncomfortable or intimidated as the prime opportunity to pounce on a woman’s natural fear of them.  Black males respect no women in Maryland, they may be hesitant towards white women only because white males will lynch them, but they still don’t respect them.  Women in the eyes of the majority of ugly, dark-skinned black males are the object to be abused, conquered and destroyed for their Satanic jollies and thumb about their hateful and disrespectful exploits on their technological devices.

It would be easy to say to simply ignore it, but this is today’s dark-skinned black males. They will literally jump in your face, get loud and speak to a total stranger with inappropriate familiarity in order to disrespect you because they hate themselves. Notice that these societal rejects and low brow Negroes RARERLY if ever do this to white women. Black males have no compunction about disrespecting Black women, doesn’t matter if you are Catholic, Baptist, a covered Muslim, black males hate that from which they came and believe that because of the mistaken coddling that their black mothers poorly indoctrinated into them, black woman who are total strangers owe the same to them. When you do not you will be erroneously and heartlessly accused of “thinking that you’re white” when all you are doing is being a decent woman.  Black male street harassers live their lives as low-life animals and realize that animals belong with animals and thus they are faced with the reality of their own lack of humanity.

Black man get out of my face, stop being disrespectful and most of all: Black man leave me alone.

12 thoughts on “Three Characteristics of Black Male Street Harassers

  1. How is it possible that we have the exact same experiences yet live in far different regions in the States?

    • The reality is that there is a core type of black males (both young and old) whose nature is to cause trouble. They know they have no real power in the white infrastructure known as the USA and they seek to exhibit some form of delusional, false machismo on Black women whom they view as less than them because they believe society doesn’t value their lives when in reality it is these black males who do not.

      The other portion is that certain blacks have a higher DNA gene pull from West African descendants (slaves). These are know for aggressiveness, raiding their neighboring tribes for little or made up reasons (historically) so these black descendant Americans have inherited this troublemaking nature and it seems to proliferate when they see other Blacks (especially Black American women) who by nature are poised, inclined to high achievement and or simply cultivated common decency. These descendant aggressive black males likely have closer heritage to Nigerian and Cameroonian and the historical Kongo. This is a bit counterintuitive as many black slave were forced migrated to the Western African seaboard as well and obviously aren’t from those just described regions and therefore less likely or nil to exhibit these unacceptable social traits. Believe me though there are plenty of the former in Prince George’s County, Howard County and Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The older dirty black men usually attempt to dress like the young “hip-hop” teenage-20 something and also reinforces that he is unable to be a productive, civilized male in the industrialized world but their futile and repulsive attempts to street harass Black women who are minding their business and going about their day. These nasty old and perverted young black males are pathetic and are a cancer to American society.

    • There is a “nigger-network” in which black males conspire cultural hegemony against Black American women while at the same time through debilish trickery and deception obtain their support to be recognized as victims of the establishment even though they are the victimizers of the Black woman. Derp devilish rabbit hole of Satanism and workers of iniqujty thay most black males are the root of in the “Black community.” The women have been waking up the past decade and their is a movement (though individuals been doing this) to boycott black males. Remember demons take human form. I truly believe that most of these black males follow Luciferian black magic as some admit they try to “program” black women. Avoid them as much as possible they are one of the agencies of Satan in heightened spiritual warfare. The reality is that most black male street harassers today have a high concentration of West Aftican blood and are naturally inclined to socially oppressive, Attachment Disorder and black magic conduct against other Blacks. They are truly devils passing themselves as human. They have no righteousness in them. No modicum of decorum and are the social parasites that poison decent Black women. Street harassment is merely a symptom of everything I mentioned and it is also a clue as to what you are dealing with.

      This is why black males street harass to attempt to “engage” their target is actually their desire to exert an evil force and transfer demonic energy they hope they can use to oppress, sexually violate and humiliate their innocent stranger victim–the Black woman.

  2. Thank you a thousand times for this insightful and honest yet truthful post! I was on experience project and you commented on a woman’s frustration of being sick of black men and their bullshit – you added this link. I’m so glad you wrote this because it resonates with me and many black women.

    I live in NYC and i got catcalled a lot to where I avoid certain areas – Brooklyn and Harlem – because thats where they are. Those niggas don’t pull that shit downtown Manhattan – they’ll get arrested for harassment.

    I am on a dating website and ALL of the racist messages I’ve gotten were from American black men – not Caribbean or African men. Not from middle eastern, European, American white, Asian or Latino men. It’s ALWAYS American black men. Those niggas feel that we black women owe them our bodies and loins – I say super fuck outta here.

    While they have a plethora of women to date they instead choose to talk shit and insult black women. I find myself cursing them out then proceed to block them. Their sad sack of shit insecurities is EXACTLY why black women date/marry interracially and we are starting to leave them in the dust or fight back in large numbers. We’re sick of their antics and most of us refuse to have their backs when they constantly stab us in ours.

    Another thing is that I’m sick of blind black females defending and marching for criminal black men who get shot by cops no matter the cops ethnicity. I don’t see black guys marching for the black women and girls killed by not only cops but by the dirty hands of cat calling/abusive black guys. It’s sickening and backwards as hell.

    The ONLY black man of merit that deserved to be marched for is Eric Garner. He lived out here in NYC – he was a great dad and husband, volunteered with the homeless and was a positive father figure to black boys who had no dads. He visted the Bronx and he was a genuinely and sincere VERY nice guy, a real gentlemen who respected women and taught his son to do the same. I met him and his wife and they are beautiful people with amazing children.

    Mr. Garner was murdered by a cop who used an illegal chokehold on him – just for giving a homeless man a cigarette and a soda. He didn’t deserve to die like that. NYC was in an uproar for a year and still kind of is.

    NYC awarded his wife 5 million dollars and a number of cops – black and white – were very supportive of Mrs. Garner and her children including many citizens from all 5 boroughs. That’s how we do in NYC.

    I apologize for my cursing but the lot of black men make me wanna PUKE. Thank you a trillion times beautiful queen for writing this powerful article and amazing website. May Allah continue to bless you.

  3. It’s funny that you mention dating websites. I went on a couple of interracial ones for about a month and I started receiving unsolicited messages from dirty black males–even when I specifically stated in my profile “no black males” and registered on an interracial website. I am a covered Sunni Muslim who is Black American and have no interest in them AT ALL and they deserve whatever wrath society places on them. My concern is for innocent victims only and the vast majority of today’s black males do not fall within that category. These black males are ‘apes in heat’ who will chase after ANY woman, black, white, hisptanic/latino, Muslim, Amish, Catholic, religious, decent, whores, baby mamas–they have no qualms as long as the person is female they will attempt to find a means to “lay their Johnson.” I cannot stand them and at this point they deserve everything they get. They were warned greatly since the 1990s to change their ways and to stop causing trouble or society will become fed up and they will be slaughtered. Many protestors are misguided by emotion and support the wrong cause, this includes millenials who are at an age where demonstrating is a rite of passage.

    “Another thing is that I’m sick of blind black females defending and marching for criminal black men who get shot by cops no matter the cops ethnicity. I don’t see black guys marching for the black women and girls killed by not only cops but by the dirty hands of cat calling/abusive black guys. It’s sickening and backwards as hell.”

    Please see my May 1, 2016 post where I have addressed this issue:

    The majority of black males today are kryptonite and rightly so most people no longer see them as human. This is not “culture” this is the core nature of these folks who cannot integrate into civilized society and this is why they ruin every neighborhood they venture into.

  4. It’s not just Maryland. These ashy ass parasites are in every city! Concealed carry, pepper spray or tasers at a bare minimum. The police can only do so much.

    • In Maryland only law enforcement can conceal and carry in public. If American were allowed to actually protect themselves most black males today would be killed in self defense.

      I truly believe there is a nigger network at play where black males conspire their drug pipelines and how they can destroy black women. Maryland is so corrupt that the black males and their ghetto single mothers are likely the ringleaders. It is ALWAYS dark skinned blacks (male and female) who are troublemakers. They are devils work for the anti-Christ but the first to yelp “Lawd” and I’m an evangelist or “Christian.” They are purveyors of great evil, hypocrisy and harm and nest in Prince George’s, Howard and Anne Arundel County primarily and of course Baltimore city. White trashy males who are managers and supervisors where they work hide black males dirt because they like to see the disrespect and annihilation of Black women just as much as Black “Christian” males do. They are today’s most disgusting creatures: lust hounds, man whores under the agency of street harassment and social terrorism.

    • Pepper spray and a watchful eye and alerting passerbys.

      The majority of today’s black males in Maryland shouldn’t be considered homo sapiens anymore. They are truly the anti-human along with their racist, fascist Pakistani compadres.

  5. Black women are subjected to unspeakable and constant harassment, disrespect, belittling comments and overly aggressive posturing from rabid, degenerate Black males on all fronts…. whether in the workplace, at school, or any public place once outside the home. These Black males seethe with both lust and rage that they unleash on innocent Black women whom they know have no interest in their idiotic rantings nor sexual filth.

    If a Black woman is unfortunate enough to work in the vicinity of these hyper-sexual, sociopathic predators, it is likely she’ll be verbally assaulted with depraved sexual comments by Black males at work.

    We all know that a large number of Black males simply use the workplace as a place to try to pick up unsuspecting women. They truly never cease to think up new ways to predate on us.

    It’s nice to see a growing number of Black women talking openly about the fact that the overwhelming majority of Black males are without any pride and are, in fact, unfathomably self-loathing to their core. And they operate on such a base level that they revel in projecting their own self-hate onto the opposite sex of the Black race.

    And yes, if a non-Black woman stands within earshot, they say and do even more grotesque things to random Black women….they smirk and strut excessivly when they believe they’re embarrassing a Black woman in front of one of them.

    Based on their abysmal track record as a collective, it’s clear they’re misogynistic to the core, act out of malice all the time, desperate to ingratiate themselves with non-Blacks, and filthy, lying two-faced users of the worst sort.

    Yes, they touch, hit, grab, and threaten Black women who calmly reject their animalistic advances. They talk at Black women with such anger and thinly-veiled contempt, even as they try to get her phone number; they truly say and do everything from the delusional, very entitled mental space of a malignant narcissist.

    Then since they’re manipulative beyond words, they lie to their white male bosses about it, if reported. They actually pretend they have no idea why the woman is offended by his abuse.

    And in some cases, the covert racist, white male ogre protects his Black male flunky boy. Yes, these types of white males keep their Black slave-boys in these low-level positions so the Black pervert can carry out a white supremacist agenda against innocent Black women and girls.

    For the segment of the white male population who are not in on this evil, it is good when they speak up and force the disgusting Black male beast to stop harassing Black women in public places.

    The goal of these Black males is to rid all Black women everywhere of our peace of mind and kindness and inner loving nature.

    They hate the mere thought of content, respected, positive and well cared for Black women.

    Slowly but surely, awareness is increasing about this glaring problem.

    More municipalities should enact laws that would lead to arrest of random males who approach women with very inappropriate comments, sexually suggestive gesticulation, etc etc. Black males will not stop this because most have no conscience, no values, nor respect for women whatsoever.

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