At the Laundromat, Linthicum Heights, Maryland

One day I was running errands and ended up doing laundry at a laundromat in Linthicum Heights off Camp Meade Road, Maryland (Anne Arundel County).

The laundry mat had huge nearly ceiling to floor windows. There was also an employee working on dropped off laundry orders. As I was putting my clothes in the dryer, a large, brutish, dark skinned Black “Christian” male stopped and stared. Initially, I assumed he was passing by the storefront but had an eery feeling so I glanced a few minutes later and he was still there. The employee noticed he was staring as well and paused the clothing she was folding–around this time he entered the laundromat closest to the entrance and the older female employee walked up to him and asked what he wanted. About the same time another older woman who was waiting for her clothes to dry, and just as the employee was also Caucasian rose from the seating and stood beside the employee and asked the same thing. He was still staring at me as I watch the situation unfold as I was still placing my laundry in the dryer. He had no laundry with him, he was a total stranger and had to be blocked from bothering me by two Caucasian older women which did actually surprise me.

This Black “Christian” male was about to harass me and two older women saw the signs and stopped him from getting near me. He left within two minutes of not being able to state the nature of his business–because he had none.

Black “Christian” males you have been given countless directives and advice that a covered Sunni Muslim Black American has no interest in you. Keep in the course you are headed and you will find yourself in court on harassment and assault charges. Black man leave me alone–at this point black males should be charged with a hate crime for targeting Sunni Muslim women. Simply disgusting.

6 thoughts on “At the Laundromat, Linthicum Heights, Maryland

  1. You are great. Please understand there are those of us reading who go through this regularly, understand and are here for you. So good to know that there are others who are willing to help you. I hope more women and men stand up to this BS. How do we get more to protect us targets?

    • It is actually quite annoying. I noticed that is 99% of the time black males. I think the reality is that today’s Black males are considered nuisances (incoherent speech, obnoxious attitudes, agressive and violent personas and antagonists, living off and beating their women) by all races including their own so they attempt to control others instead of exercising restraint in broad social context. They have mutated into demons cloaked in unclean beastly, flesh and filthy souls. There are ALOT of these types in Howard County, Anne Arundel County (as well as other parts of) Maryland.

    • No. I am ethnically Black American (Not any continental African varieties, Afro Latino nor West Indian). I am a Sunni Muslimah who is the same race as Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Jay-Z, etc. I just get harassed and verbally abused by Black “Christian” Americans who are known to hate and despise Sunni Muslims even if they share the same ethnic heritage.

  2. They harass us Somalis too. You wear a hijab? Why do they see sexual objects when we don’t show our hair?

    • 1. In most of my posts I say I am a covered Muslimah, so yes I do wear hijab daily.
      2. I do not think wearing a headcovering automatically makes one righteous, it is a combination of dress and conduct which is true humility.
      3. However, today’s Black males are morally bankrupt demons who sexually harass every woman. Sunni covered Muslim, Jew, unrighteous women (eg prostitutes), teenage girls, white women, Black women, low class, upper class, farm workers, professionals, etc. They are wickedly desperate because no decent woman wants them. Black males are licentious demons with no moral ethos. That is why they have no qualms street/sexually harassing religiously clad women of color Muslimahs. The only exception I see are Pakistanis and they are likely deterred because of known honor killings and bombings.

      In short today’s Black males, especially in major metro areas such as Maryland and DC are modern day dark, demons with unclean spirit. They seek to devour any thing good after they have already destroyed, damaged and pillaged their own Black “Christian” communities, now they try to infiltrate the Sunni Muslim ones. Warn your female family members and friends and sisters of masajid and stay away from them and call the police when they cause trouble. Police, literacy and morals are today’s Black male’s(most) kryptonite.

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