Street Harassed at Exxon Station in Prince George’s County, Maryland

One day I was getting gasoline at an Exxon either in Prince George’s or Howard County, Maryland. After adjusting the pump, I noticed a Black male grimacing at me about 15 feet away at a diagonal, westerly direction. I turned back to watch the digital counter and thought maybe I should make sure he doesn’t try anything. When I looked back in the diagonal direction the Black male was rushing towards me and as quickly as I could I pressed my car alarm in my key fob to alert my surroundings. The guy was about 3 feet away from me still opposite side of the gas pump. At that point and I looked briefly around and other men at their cars pumping gas was staring at the black male to which he turned away and retreated. This was broad daylight and a Black ‘Christian’ male was intending to assault me at a gas station full of witnesses. Preventative measures are the best safety protocol. Lesson: TRUST YOUR INSTINCT.

These BLACK, DEMONIC, “Christian” street/sexual harassers are like guerillas in the midst –they are everywhere.

I encourage everyone to share your stories, as I continue to post mine to alert the government and the world aware of these Black “Christian” predators/criminals.

One thought on “Street Harassed at Exxon Station in Prince George’s County, Maryland

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