Black Lives Matter: These Protestors Do Not Believe Their Own Rhetoric

Black Lives Matter: These Protestors Do Not Believe Their Own Rhetoric

As a Sunni Muslim Black American woman who is CONSTANTLY harassed by ‘Christian’ men on a near daily basis in the State of Maryland and the DC Metropolitan area, I would like to urge all of America to understand that the protestors in Baltimore do not represent all Black Americans. I do not say this to detract from the reality of police misconduct but to look at the types of people and motives of those who are at the core of the protests in the City of Baltimore from day one:

(1) Inner city, uneducated, ghetto Black ‘Christians’. They only state that Black lives matter when one or two white police officers are likely guilty for killing unarmed black male criminal suspect. This displays a SEVERE convenience of their proclaimed belief. One, where were all the protests when some of those very same gang leaders in your community were murdering and aiding in the proliferation of drugs in your neighborhoods–why is it when a handful of police engage in misconduct that you ‘take back’ your communities but not before when you destroy your own inner cities. So, it is acceptable among these inner city Blacks to kill each other off, rape and harass other Blacks but a national protest when law enforcement do it? This is a sick groupthink, ‘gang’ mentality. These protesters do not believe Black lives matter look how they have treated other Blacks for decades.

(2) Black loves matter?: Only if you are ignorant, high school drop out criminal, gang member, drug dealing, cat calling, ignorant street harassing ‘Christian’ male. Notice there is NEVER a protest when a Black woman dies at the hands of Black or white men, these types of people only raise their voices when a black male who is reasonably suspected of criminal activity is injured or dies. Yet, Black ‘Christian’ males are constantly responsible for sexual harassment on the job, and guilty of street harassing and assaulting Black women on a near daily basis. Let alone the high number of domestic violence incidents, Black men living off Black women wages, raping stepchildren, referring to her as ‘that bitch’ ‘situation’ and ‘female’ as if a Black woman should be known as an object or mammal for reproduction purposes only. Who weeps for a Black woman’s safety? even her life?

Where were the protests when Black male street harasser slit the throat of an innocent Black woman who did not want to engage in unsolicited conversation? Where was the so-called Black community’s outrage then?

(3) Black males today as a whole could care less about the safety, honor and respect of Black women. I can say as a Sunni Muslim that street harassment is something I have dealt with nearly my entire adult life in the State of Maryland and now in Howard County, Maryland. From Black, obese, short women accompanied by their Black male counterparts who harass me engage in false imprisonment-yes these Negroes jump in front of the doorway and will block your entry into East Columbia Library (Cradlerock Way, Columbia, Maryland) to throw their so called ‘Christian’ cult mindset upon you. To sexual street harassment by illiterate, dirty and nasty Black males at the Staples on Snowden River Parkway, the park at Dasher Green, Columbia Mall, the red line going into The District of Columbia metro, restaurants in Linthicum. Black Christian men and women are both guilty of self destructive, street harassment and other criminal behavior.

Beyond this, how many times has a Black man raped his stepchild, killed his child and “baby’s mother”, murdered a Black woman when she had enough sense to move on and find a decent guy and that Black male killed him as well? Black males who engaged in drive-by shootings, threaten their communities if they disclose criminal activity (remember the gang members that bombed an entire family who reported drug activity in her BALTIMORE neighborhood?) Fired weapons killing innocent Black children, Black women in which stray bullets killed innocent Black children in their home to get initiated in a gang, to ‘settle beef,’ gain territory for more drug dealing, Black families who live in constant fear that they cannot walk down the street in their own neighborhoods for fear that a BLACK man will “gun them down” , sexually assault, street harass or rob them?

The initial core protestors believe that only Black ‘Christian’ criminal lives matter not Blacks who are hard working, educated law abiding, and decent–especially of you are a Sunni Muslim–if you display good quality and character these same ‘Christian’ Blacks will refer to you as a ‘sell-out.’ They truly do not know what the word means because they ‘sell out’ their communities everyday by making them unsafe and uninhabitable due to their own Black ‘Christian’ behavior. So if there was ever any true plan to destroy Black communities by some unseen cabal then the sell-outs are the inner city, ignorant Blacks who do so rendering the former with clean hands.

‘Black lives matter’? Think about that expression Black male the next time you intend to harm or make a Black woman unsafe through your conduct of street harassment.

To the Black ‘Christian’ obnoxious women harassers who think everyone should emulate you as if your incessant need to wear weaves, fight over sneakers, force yourself into people’s personal space and disrespect, roll your eyes and talk about strangers’ clothes, “jump” lines in retail stores in an effort to instigate arguments and fights that fuel your bestial, aggressive tendencies, to your unnecessary, inciteable “beat down” stare to total strangers who mind their business but because they are covered Sunni Muslims who actually practice their religious beliefs perhaps you should reflect on why many strangers avoid your kind in public and would not want to dare emulate you. You are no better than those same Black males described above.

5 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: These Protestors Do Not Believe Their Own Rhetoric

    • @Christine: I would ‘thumbs up’ your reply if I could. What I suggest is that all women begin blogging and documenting their incidents and unsolicited encounters. Law enforcement need to do more to combat street harassment and so do masajid, churches and temples–teach your men to be decent men and stop just quoting text for a temporal feel good moment that has no impact on building character.

  1. Black women today you are not safe. There is a need for many to break the chains of Stockholm Syndrome. Unfortunately when many do this happens:

    Maryland Man Arrested in Shooting Death of Estranged Wife

    Prince George’s County, Maryland was a thriving Black middle-upper middle class suburbs but a drastic change in demographics have ultimately deteriorated this county into pockets of cesspool via District of Columbia’s gentrification, pushing the D.C. thugs into Maryland and an influx of Latino illegal immigrants. I have mentioned Prince George’s County several times in my posts and everyday there is simply more evidence to support first-hand accounts and personal experiences.

    So, if a black woman who breaks free from a pseudo relationship is murdered by a black “Christian” male– it is not surprising when decent Black women reject a black male STRANGER’S inappropriate advances she will be mocked, slandered, “shanked” or shot. It does not matter if it is in the suburbs (thugs have cars and venture to nice places and strategically place themselves in front of buildings) or downtown cities where people work. Black males are on a rampage and black women are collateral damage or intended targets. Separate yourselves and break free.

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