Harassed During Lunch Breaks in NW, Washington, DC

At a time when I was working in NW, Washington, DC, I began going to Cosi’s restaurant for my lunch break. Around the second week of doing this a black “Christian” male began making unsolicited and unprovoked passes at me each day I walked by the business establishment which he was an employee. This business was one block north of the Cosi’s. This Black male was some type of chauffeur as he had a uniform on. He would literally reach out his left arm at me to attemot to touch and/or grab me. He did not conduct himself this way when white women walked by. Apparently I have good reflexes and jumped/stepped away. He continued these attempts so I decided to walk in the street which meant nearly getting hit by driver’s service who pulled up in town cars for guests. Even then he would not stopped as he was on thataide of the sidewalk he popped out of the passenger’s seat and tried to run his chest into my front an barely missed as I once again stepped back.

After documenting everything and being fed up I went to the business and asked for the supervisor of these chauffeurs or bell hops. Of course, it was a man who attempted to make light of it until I pointed out literally to the glass and brass framed revolving door towards the sidewalk and said “You see all those white women walking pass, he does not bother not one of them.” But he thinks it is ok to bother a covered (Sunni) Muslim. After documenting everything in writing and informing those in charge that I will pursue criminal charges. Apparently, the white male supervisor reprimanded the Black male bellhop as the next day would not even look at me. Why must I resort to a the law to get a black “Christian” male to stop harassing me. Why do black “Christian” male act inappropriately and MORE comfortable in their licenscious conduct towards a religiously-clad (fully covered with hijab) G-d fearing woman who is minding her business. It is inexcusable and disgusting and demonstrates that when it comes to street harassment there is black male privilege. Simply inexcusable.

2 thoughts on “Harassed During Lunch Breaks in NW, Washington, DC

  1. Is that a rhetorical question? People are brutal animals, and your hijab makes you look submissive (I.e. an easy target for predators). If you dressed the same as men, you might get the same respect men get (sometimes).

    I notice when I grow my beard longer people respect me more. Isn’t that terrible how superficial people are? They think I’m more of a “man”, so they “respect” me more. But really what “respect” means is “fear”.

    Convince people to fear you, and they will leave you alone.

    • Actually no. When a white covered Amish, nun, or Orthodox Jewish woman is covered are thet not modest and look submissive? Why is it when a Sunni Muslim woman who is Black is covered all of a sudden her belief in G-d and modesty a “trigger” for Black ‘Christian’ males to manifest the predator persona…

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