Harassed at East Columbia Library; Columbia, Maryland

One day I was typing up some work at the East Columbia Branch Library off Cradlerock Way in Columbia, Maryland.

I sent a document to the printer and as I approached the printer located on top of the information circular counter I noticed there was a Black male and Black woman having a conversation. I thought nothing of it until I reached for the paper off the printed and slightly turned back around only to have a tall black “Christian” male literally in my face blocking my view and stated “Hi-yah..” with a smirk and would not leave my presence.

What was odd was that not only did he jump in my face, block my frontal view in a matter of about three seconds but he abandon the conversation he was in. My startled look was apparent as one of the librarians turned around and stared at him. About a minute later the Black woman he was in the company with stated “Don’t do that” and gestured for him to leave me alone.

A G-d-fearing religiously clad, quiet woman working on the computer being blocked in for just existing.

In broad daylight, if it was not for the woman speaking to the male in a tone disparaging his conduct disapprovingly and the librarian turning around–he would’ve surely grabbed me. Black male harassers everywhere, cannot even go to a library and be productive without these cretens disturbing you.

Black man leave me alone.

2 thoughts on “Harassed at East Columbia Library; Columbia, Maryland

  1. Hi Sis, we have this problem in Malaysia too. And i am of Indian ethnicity and the men here (except for the Chinese) act like sub-humans. Women are taught to absorb this behaviour and bear the shame for existing in public spaces. It is becoming worse on a daily basis with the influx of immigrants from the third world. I don’t think it will stop even when i move to more ‘civilised’ countries because there will be a small number of my ethnic community everywhere in the world. Sigh. Half the time i wish i was Caucasian/Chinese because they receive far less harassment. I hope to become an activist for women’s rights.

    Sorry for the verbal diarrhoea, I thoroughly enjoy reading your documentation of harassment because it helps me to know that there are like-minded women out there who are not desensitised by street harassment.

    I feel so close to you. Thank you for your blog.

    • It is indeed sad. In America if you are a modest, highly esucated religious woman you are mocked by Christians.” Black males have a cultural goal of destroying Black women because they are jealous of the latter’s academic achievement and ability to care for oneself without depending on an abusive male. They therefore use sexual/street harassment as a means of exerting the very masculinity they believe most women perceive they do not have. They ignore that being masculine is not the same as being a law violating predator. Alot of white men are the same but are subtle with it. Please do not come to America, I am an American Black Sunni Muslim and have been treated poorly by fellow Americans nearly every day of my adult life because I am Sunni Muslim. The people here are vicious and uncivilized. I suggest you move to a tolerant European country since you want to move West. Despite the false propaganda–America just is not it. My ancestors date back to the U.S. hundreds of years yet i am treated like a second class citizen by both black and white “Christians” who believe more in detrimental ignorance than true American ideals.

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