Archive | October 13, 2014

Part II: Stalked and Harassed for Months by a Black Man: Baltimore City, Maryland

So the State filed the charges and set the court date. My case started with a male judge when called but was interrupted when another judge took over the day’s docket. Before the second judge took over the judge was already entering the order and stated Defendant cannot contact the victim or go near her job which, thank G-d he did not disclose.  After reading the charges, the judge began to ask me a series of questions:

Do you know the Defendant?
My response: “No.”

Is he a relative?
My response: “No.”

Is he a friend? Former boyfriend?
My response: “No” and “no.”

Did you date?
My response: “No.”

Did you work together?
My response: “No.”

It was apparent that the judge was attemoting to find a logical connection between myself and the assailant and finally realized there was nothing rational about the black male defendant and his conduct (though logic dictates he was likely a rapist).

I continued to explain that the Defendant was a total stranger and that his conduct lasted several months and no matter what preventative or offensive measures I took, the Defendant would still harass me and know what time I walked to the train station to commute to work. The judge’s mouth literally dropped. The judge put the harassment charge on hold and granted me an immediate protective order.

The judge explained to the black male defendant that he cannot speak to me, bother harass follow me or contact me in any way. The judge asked the black brute whether he understood the terms and conditions of the order. At this point the brute flipped over the courtroom table and began yelling at the judge. I was near the bailiff who kind of gestured me to stay back. The bailiff instructed me to wait until he left the courtroom and floor of the building before I went to the Clerk’s office to get a copy of the protective order.
In essence, he confirmed what the judges knew: This black inner city male was a predator and victims needed protection from this type of menace to society.

Imagine that– a protective order against a total stranger for a year. I had no reason to stay in that City as I wasn’t from there and was already looking for a new job. I relocated out of there soon after the order expired. Black men have cause me post traumatic stress disorder and I have ample reason to keep away from them.

Black men still don’t get it. Black men have yet to leave me alone.