Archive | September 25, 2014

Black Men You Aren’t Deceiving Anyone

I would like to give Maryland and the rest of America a reality check the next time you see a Black Christian harass, deride, cat-call or otherwise act inappropriately against Sunni Muslim women and you turn a blind eye. I notice there is a segment among Black Christians who have joined in the war mongering anti-Islamic bandwagon. However, when we look objectively at statistics and yes, reality, Muslims in America are not as much if any of a threat than you may presume:

Sunni Muslim Blacks serve in various branches of the U.S. military.

Sunni Muslims tend to have higher education attainment levels than their counterparts.

When there is rash of break-ins of cars in your neighborhood, are the culprits Christian or Muslim?

The rise of gang activity amongst Latinos and Blacks in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City and Prince George’s County, are the perpetrators “Christian” or Muslim?

When a man in Maryland, usually Black, is sexually harassing and cat-calling a woman and obstructing her passage in a public place is he a Christian or Muslim?

Of all the crimes in the past 50 years of kidnapping, rape, mirder and burglary, the perpetrators are “Christian.”

What Blacks I have noticed, started to do is jump along the military/militarization of citizens. Because Black “christians” somehow believe that literally jumping in a Sunni Muslim” woman’s face and yelling congratulations to a servicemen for fighting the “enemy” while glancing at a covered Sunni Muslim woman who is Black American makes him a better person. Reality check:
1. You don’t get credit for the service of what another does.
2. I have observed whites reaction to you and you are still  viewed as a “nigger” an will never be accepted by the very person’s hand you are congratulating.
3. Contrary to your presumption that white servicemen hate Sunni Muslim women, they open the door for me and say good morning—not black men. 

When will today’s black males act like a male and not jump on so many bandwagons and stop disrespecting Black women in hopes of gaining approval of people who actually respect all human beings and stop treating people like pawns–we are all blessed with levels of intelligence and know you are not clever nor deceiving anyone. Most of you do not have a genuine bone within you. It is so blatantly transparent. The majority of today’s Black American men are troublemaking demons with no substance.