Archive | September 6, 2014

Harrassed While on DC Subway by a Black Man

One early evening I was taking the subway train from NW DC to College Park metro. I was sitting in an aisle seat of the left side of the train. While I had my earbuds in, I was looking at the bulletins and adverts on the train. There was a white older cyclist with his bike two seats in front but on the right side of the train. I noticed a mean looking black male standing and facing me but further away than the white guy. I just kept looking around the train and a few minutes later checked and sure enough the guy was looking at my chest area like he was preparing to attack me. I saw a woman waiting near the door and noticed she was getting off at the same stop I was. Just before the bell rang to open the doors I ran to stand beside her and get off. Apparently, the white guy saw the black guy’s attempt to intimidate me/ preparing his attack. By the time the door open the white guy used his bicycle as a buffer by placing it horizontal and pounded it twice while looking at the black guy. The white older guy stood closest to me and the bike was closer to the inside of the train. The black guy remained and turned away.