Incident at Columbia Mall: Columbia Maryland (Howard County)

One day I was at the Columbia Mall Starbucks, before it was renovated, and was sitting in one of the green velvet chairs. I am a covered Sunni Muslim. (this is befor they renovated it) As I was drinking my latte and reading the newspaper, a section of the paper fell. A fat dark skinned black male in his late 40s or 50s apparently came and sat in the adjacent chair. Luckily I had on pants—when I reached for the section of the paper on the floor the black male tried to snatch the paper by invading my space and reaching for it on/over my leg. I snatched the paper and gave him a snarled look. When I looked up there was a black male and white male sitting at a small table directly two feet in front of me. Both pretended like they didnt see anything. Animals.

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